Is it worse to rage quit or give up?


Just wondering cause some guy got mad at me for giving up. He had a level 5 FW, Ace attorney PW
and Dante, all of which had almost full health, all i had was a strider with no x-factor and 1 special. He acted like as if i ragequitted, which i didn’t i just put the controller down and gave up. Why is this so bad?


I don’t mind it if it’s a local battle against someone who you play REALLY often. It saves time for both players as long as neither one minds. But in most cases, it’s wrong. They earned the right to see you lose and ending the match early deprives them of that.


Eh, if you’re in a hopeless situation, there’s no point in delaying the inevitable. Might as well hold forward.


WTF man. Strider need no X-factor to make a comeback. He has mix-up tools out the ass and you just give up? You need to know your character better.


Yeah im not exactly good enough to pull of stuff like that in fact im not entirely sure what a mix-up is


I don’t think it’s bad. it’s just funny. If you just want to get to the next match and hurry it up then I guess. Sometimes it’s not worth it but even without x factor you can make a comeback. It happens with all of us. It’ll help if you keep going and putting up a fight because it helps you play under pressure and not make rash decisions. Might as well still put up a fight because in the end it’ll help you.


they are both the same thing really. next time instead of just putting the controller down just jump at him and press buttons to give the illusion that you are on the offensive.


Playing to see someone lose is like living life to die :stuck_out_tongue: You don’t play a match just to see the end result, it’s to have fun during the match. If they played through the entire match and got mad because in the last 10 seconds of the match their opponent didn’t try to make a comeback because the situation was too dire, then oh well, that’s unfortunate. Getting salty when you lose, getting salty when you win…that’s online play for ya.


I’ve been playing this game for almost 5 months now and i had the original one and i still have made no improvements



Cause that’s a b**** move, who does that. Just quit if you give up and stop wasting his time when he could be searching for buttery a** match instead of fighting scrubs who give up. Duhhh


I dislike ragequitting more imo but both I frown upon. If I see my opponent is giving up then I just jump around the screen until they play again or until I bore myself and finish it.


do you use a stick or pad? because some combos are near impossible on pad. You just gotta practice and get your mind right. everybody has the ability to get good in this game.


You’ve been playing for 5 months, you had vanilla, and you don’t know what a mix-up is? Have a look around the forums, read a little bit; you’ll be surprised at just how much you can learn here in such a short amount of time:)


Yeah i kind of have that same issue i played this game for so long and still i can’t get better, things like mix-ups, rush downs, are very difficult to me.


I didn’t say they played just to see someone lose.


Well, I’d say both are equally bad. I never rage quit or give up. I give it my all, even if I know I will lose, as practice makes me a better player. I can learn from losses more often than my victories, so I make them all count.


Then they shouldn’t have a problem with the legitimate few minutes of gameplay they had :stuck_out_tongue:


Why are you trying to play around with his words you know what he means. Nobody plays a game just to see other people lose they play for fun, to win or Competitive fun but most importantly to see if they’re training paid off when its fight time. And somebody to just stop playing is really annoying and disrespect. Picture me playing you 1v1 basketball if I quit half way cause I was losing badly it would annoy you, if it doesent it would annoy most people. Even a viseversa scenario, if I was winning by a lot and just stoped trying and messed around it would make the losing guy mad. Stop playing dumb. Lol


There isn’t really a difference. They’re both quitting and they’re both disrespectful.


Hmm…I think I’m going to start disconnecting on ppl that give up…but I’ll wait till the last second