Is it worse to rage quit or give up?

Only thing worse than giving up, is not finishing off someone who has given up.
Value your time people! FINISH HIM!

why do people think that i’m like the pros, i can’t just pull off some 600k combo with my chars just like that, the most i can do is the basic Bnb’s

so…take the time when you only have one character to learn how to play under pressure? seriously, Strider doesn’t even need huge damage off his combos because he can constantly reset his opponent into a new combo. instead of complaining and putting the controller down, focus on getting better when you’re in a clutch situation like that.

One time I made a comeback with Anchor Tron.

Since then I have never given up hope on a match. It ain’t over till it’s over, baby.


What I always do and will continue to do is keep on playing, regardless of which character is left or how many I’m up against. I never stop until all 3 of my health bars reach zero. I think of it as me going up against an entire army after my men were killed, and all I have left is two swords and a grenade. Before I die, ***someone ***is going with me.

If you read his post at the top not once does he say that there is little time left, now your saying things. Strider maybe not in his hands but I can name some many people I know who can comeback with just strider its not even funny. Wait a minute Why am I wasting my time, forget about it.

You sound like you didn’t even go into training mode, and you just started playing online right away. If you’ve had the game for 5 months, there’s no excuse for not knowing some combos. You can’t just play and hope you get better, you need to put time into training mode.

If you give up you got to taunt, jump around and taunt some more until that timer reaches zero. If they get smart to that tactic rage quit right before you die and send their ass to the main menu with no BP for the trouble.

Obvious answer is that giving up isn’t the way to go because you can really learn a lot from each fight even the ones where you get blown up.
Fact of the matter is, letting someone take the rest of a very very heavily lopsided fight isn’t the end of the world. Especially if it’s just practice. It isn’t being broadcasted, it’s not for any tournament brackets of any sort, it is practice. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand and agree as to why walking away early is the wrong choice for the most part but it’s not a huge deal.
If you think that every single football player (and athletes in general in other sports) in the world doesn’t give up/take a bit of a breather when there is only time for 2 plays and they are 21 points behind you’re out of your mind. If you’re smart enough to realize how huge the odds are and you feel like there is a BENEFIT of walking away early from the match then do it. The key is to not do it just for no reason and DO NOT make a habit of it. If you are pretty certain that stepping away early is going to give you the time to clear your mind and calm it down then do it. If you’re just getting frustrated ask yourself why you’re upset, find the problem, and start working on it/solving that problem.

When in doubt, just taunt over and over and over and over.


stay motionless until you find a gap in his weak 1f links and punish him once and go back into a wax statue to watch him back off and get super cautious. Too funny.

All rage-quitters should executed with a dull knife.

If someone has broken you to the point where you actually don’t wanna even attempt to fight back, just be a man and stand there and give them the win they deserve.

Don’t be a dick-less dip-shit and cancel the whole game just because shit didn’t turn out in your favor. Put it this way, if you were winning would you ever, ever, ever consider rage-quitting? Exactly. There is actually a poster on here (forgot his name) who raged-quit in person (at a tournament, I believe) and even put a video up showing himself doing it. Like he was semi-proud of it or something. Don’t be him, online or off, be a man (or a woman) and take the losses with the wins. Only people who should consider rage-quitting are people who still have their mother’s nipples stuck in their teeth.

Fuck rage-quitters.

It’s fucking Marvel 3. All it takes is about five hits, since the damage in this game is ridiculous.

Giving up in Marvel 3, especially with a character with as many options as Strider, is dumb. Don’t do it. At worst, you might learn something in those last few seconds of playing; at best, you could even turn the situation around.


Here’s an idea: don’t give up until everyone is dead on either side. There are comebacks and not all of them include X-Factor

It’s worse to consider either of them. Go down with your fists swinging.

I mean I guess that’s true but i mean what’s the point? It’s not like I can just comeback against a derped out wesker/hulk/sentinel team (did i use derp correctly?)
oh and another person got angry that i gave up which made me angry, he just used that haggar air grab trick thing which i couldn’t get out of and that’s how the match went.

Quit because they may get mad for not getting the win. :slight_smile:

I want to know why if you’re so defeatist, why you play fighting games at all? Whats your give up/ragequit point? Half health? Final round? Curious.