Is it worth buying a newer Fight Stick?


I’ve been practicing using a stick for a couple of months and I’m starting to get the hang of it, it’s made playing SFV a lot more fun.

I managed to get a second hand Madcatz Fightstick PRO for like £50. I can’t find anything wrong with it, although the stick feels a little loose.

What sets the newer TE2+ stick apart from the one I have? Is it worth getting one?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I did a search and couldn’t find my question so I’m guessing it hasn’t been.


I think the biggest difference is the TE2+ has a touchpad and works on next gen systems. That’s what I got out of comparing them on amazon anyway.


If you’re willing to make modifications or have a modder do it for you, you don’t need to get a TE2+ unless a touchpad and L3/R3 buttons are important to you. Sure the TE2 and TE2+ open up like the hood of a car, but that also negatively impacts how solid the case feels.


thats Sanwa baby!!!


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I think the extra buttons would help.

I don’t know the first thing about modding them, but one thing I would love is custom artwork. Do you need to use card or can you just use paper?

Thanks for the replies by the way.


card stock works best, but a medium to heavy weight paper works just as well.
Avoid the lite, thin stuff as it will look terrible.

Also invest in a hobby knife for cutting.


Ok thanks.

I’ll try to get a TE2 sometime soon, might wait in case they release sticks in 2017. Not sure how likely that is.


i would say only upgrade if you gonna play tournaments, because they dont allow legacy controllers iirc

and the venom is a good budget ps4 stick, easily modded, you can even just put art on it and swap the parts with your pro stick


Hmm. So apart from extra features, the Te2 performs the same as the Pro?

Guessing I can’t put art on the pro?


I think you can put art on it if you get a plexiglass cover


^ This’ll get you started.




If you want to buy a new fightstick go check out Panzer 3 @“Jasen Hicks”.


It looks sick, lots of options for customization is always good. The button layout might take some getting used to.

Do you know if it ships to the UK?

Nice one for the recommendation.


Yes, I ship world wide. The button layout is actually quite easy to get used to, and its a lot more comfortable (imo) than the Vewlix.


Okay cool, thanks.

Just sent a message to your facebook btw.