Is it worth getting a 360 copy of SSF:IV if I already have a PS3 one?


The title says it all. $10 had pretty much been the trigger point, in my mind, to invest in a 2nd copy. Today, though, I ran across a copy at Target for 15 and grabbed it. I’m wondering though if the differences in the number of American players, between PSN and XBL would really warrant another copy. Or I could return it and buy some earmuffs instead.


Speaking as a PS3 player with no experience with the 360 version:

My speculation is that 360 online would have a lower ping time on average.

Why do I think this? XBL requires a monetary investment, while PSN is free. I beleive this means that there are going to be less people with extremely poor internet playing on 360 simply because they can’t afford it or refuse to treat themselves to a good connection, while on PSN there isn’t this “filter” if you will, and any idiot with half a brain can get up and running within half an hour, regardless of how bad their internet is.

This isn’t a blanket statement, there’s bound to be horrible connections on XBL too, just that there’s probably a lower incidence of it.

I’d keep the 360 version.


while this might be true, i think that 360s take up more bandwidth. i am an xbox 360 player myself. my friend was over with his ps3. i tried making him lag by downloading torrents, watching hulu, youtube, netflix, and streaming music all at the same time. i start a match on my 360. instant lag. where as he was playing just fine. i dont know much about networking or ping or connections but it seems like the ps3 ran smoother.


If you’re playing online and you have an Xbox live subscription, play on XBL. Less lag & more players.

Also fuck man get some earmuffs. Don’t freeze your ass to death for SF.


If you are thinking about picking up everything you need to play the other version, buy a fightstick or fightpad for the other system first. That way you can start participating in more events using different systems while you decide if you want to get the rest of the other system’s gear.


i have both. xbl has less lag and more players, but the most of the players are retards.


Comes with the territory of having more players.

Going from PSN to XBL for SSF4 is more of an upgrade imo. I can’t see how anyone would generally find themselves going up going from XBL to PSN. Still, results may vary.


It’s the same shit. SSFIV on Xbox 360 is peer to peer just like it is on PS3.


i hear there’s better comp on live but what do i know i only have ps3


Don’t forget that the PS3 version has two frames of lag no matter what.


I’ll hold onto it. What I find odd is that, according to VGchartz SS F IV sold more on PS3 than it did on 360, so who are there more people online on XBL than PSN? I know vgchartz isn’t considered precise but it can still be used for a general feel.


This is wrong, it’s not P2P.

Xbox 360 is better connectivity wise.


It’s totally worth it. I mean you love Super right? How can more Super be a BAD thing? Right Kooper? More Super. More Fun!:tup:

  • some of the best players, in the scene, usually have both systems strictly out of competition’s sake. Heck, even crappy players. You can always alternate.


I’ve been intermittently on XBL for several months because of my schedule and I just got my PS3 version this week. It really depends on your connection. From my experience, XBL is pretty stable (wired and wireless) but when it lags, it L A G S H O R R I B L Y. PSN lags even on all green bars, granted I’ve only played a night’s worth of matches and only had it on wireless.

Not sure if you’ll really notice, but PS3 runs on 720p and XBox can go full 1080p.

Oh, get a beanie - keeps your head and ears warm.


the game’s only 720


so much misinformation in a single thread…i think i had a brain aneurysm.


This and This. 360 has a better (and by better, I mean in numbers, not in skill) overall player base, and better chances for better connections.

However, keep in mind the 2 frames of input lag, especially if you plan on playing in tournaments. You might find yourself getting bodied in the first round of a major because none of your combos or links come out after Cammy’s dive kick…

And yes, im very salty.


The timing for combos on both systems is the same. Just focus on the rhythym of the combo instead of the animation on the screen and you’ll be fine.