Is it worth it? dualmodding TE

is it worth it? i voids ur warranty, but is warranty realy needed, it has good build quality, although they are some problems straight out of the box for a few people

if you have all the tools an know what your doing yeah if not you might be better off buying a ps3 te as well

from what I recall the warranty sticker is on the bottom and you can mod the entire system by unscrewing the top 6 screws… so in essence, I don’t think you’re voiding the warranty if that sticker is in tact :slight_smile:

also, its a great idea if you play on both and want a solid modded stick (maybe better buttons, balltop, etc) and don’t want to lug around 2 systems… if you get it done by a pro ( cough cough) it’ll probably cost you roughly $50 or so less than buying 2 sticks…

also there are a lot of people on the forums that dual mod… so… its probably a good idea only if you play 2 systems…

thers a TE dual mod service here in sydney, australia.
its about $106 USD.

just thinking about if warranty is realy needed on the stick, mostly all we do is replace the buttons / stick. are the PCB good build on the TE?

Depends on your situation. And the fact that you won’t describe your situation doesn’t allow us to help. Will you be switching between the two consoles? Does a friend have the other console? Will you be going to tournaments, which seemingly will stick to PS3?

uh of course it is worth it

Unless you are one of the unlucky people to get a faulty PCB. The bright side is it is possible to replace it with a Cthulhu or Madcatz PCB if you have the skill and tools.

^ This

If it’ll be practical to your situation, you should consider it.

For example:

I don’t have a 360, don’t have any friends that have one either - I haven’t had any recent plans to attend a tournament with 360s in use. Therefore it’d be a waste of time/money for me to dual mod my PS3 TE since I only own a PS3.

If I had both systems or had friends/attended tournaments with 360s I’d probably opt to have a dual-modded stick.

i just got another te stick just to do a wireless dual mode. i think its worth it if you have both systems or play at friends place with either or systems.

totally worth it to me. Since I got the MC cthulhu I just went a step further and did the full multi-console mod with the rj-45 jack, and it’s been great. I use it on my ps3, TvC on wii, emulators on xbox, and 360 at friends place. So yeah- worth it for cost, and I also just enjoy that kind of modding so it was fun working on it.

thanks guys for the ideas and support.

havin it dual modded will be fun, save t he trouble of buying a new stick.

i currently have 360 TE, and 1 of my friend has ps3, he also getting a stick soon,
i will be using this to go hardore playing when tekken comes out.

and for tournaments, hmm im still kinda noob at cancelling focus attacks in sf 4 hehe.
but yea i guess in the near future i will be playing in tournaments :smiley: