Is it worth it to pay 100$ for a hori ex2?

I was stupid and waited till after SF4 came out to decide if i really wanted a stick.
I see these hori ex2’s on ebay for 100$ buy it now, and i wonder if its worth it to buy one now or wait like 2 or 3 months for them to get back in stock.

I plan to use the stick for Sf4, KofXII, blazblue, tekken 6, and 2df games.

Is it worth it to get it early, wait, or do i suck at life?

I got one when gamestop clearanced them for 15 bucks and sold it. i didnt like the feel of the stick, I think you’d be better off waiting and picking up an hrap ex or a madcatz se.

Depends on how badly you need a stick. It might take awhile for the prices to fall with the other fighters coming out.

ya i dont see prices going down until almost next year…

Don’t get it, I got mine for around $60 bucks before Street Fighter IV came out. The buttons get loose and unresponsive after a while of use.

lol @ people who think KOF and Blazblue are actually going to draw mainstream stick buyers…

Prices will be down in a month or so.

It’s not worth a hundred American dollars.

it all depends if you think waiting for a month or two is worth $40.

Depends on how competitive you want to be and if you plan to put in sanwa buttons and other stuff.

Its weird, at another forum all i hear is good things about the ex 2, and on 2df.

also, i feel that I want to be more competative, and that the 360 controller simply will not do for fighting games.

i have 160 dollars, but im not sure if i want to spend it all on a stick.

also, im way too clumsy to replace the parts with sanwa.

I really wish i could get ahold of a SE for when KOFXII comes out.

yeah i really don’t think the actual stick is worth 100 bucks (putting the current demand aside) you’d be better off spending a little more for an hrap of some sort or a SE madcatz unless you’re DESPERATE i think you’ll be disappointed.

Just wait maybe they will come out with a KOF fight stick when the game comes out.

My ToysRus has had a stack of em sitting out for a week. I was going to buy them to ebay, but i’m not that mean. I’d say wait it out. You’ll be happier when you finally get your nice stick. It would be the equivalent to buying a pinto when you could wait and get a ferrari.

idk about a month but a year does seem kinda stretched but i do see parts being wanted all the way through the summer for sure…

if the ex2 is anything like the fs3, then i’d rather get it than the SE… stock

if i were going to mod, i’d ge the SE… plus its much easier to mod

While I wouldn’t get one for $100, I’ve been on an EX2 for 5 months now with fairly frequent usage and have encountered no problems yet.

OT: skitso, I think we’ve randomly battled online before. = )

No. I sold mine a few weeks ago for $50 shipped.

you might want to check gamestop to see if they have one locally. i don’t think they will be restocking them anymore, but there might be a few left in the stores… i bought mine for $30 at a gamestop in the mall last month… Link

if you can’t find it for close to regular price, i’d find an SE and mod it… you just need basic tools with no soldering required. they seem to be easier to find nowadays… got one from Fry’s last week

sold mine for 40 shipped on ebay a while back.

The EX2 is decent as far as sticks go but I bought mine more than a year ago for like 50 bucks. It’s not like it’s a collectors item or other sticks like it are hard to find. It works but it’s definitely not as good as true Japanese arcade parts. The buttons especially are kinda gummy and cheap compared to real Sanwa buttons and if you’ve used true Sanwa parts before the stick isn’t quite as responsive either. Still way better than a pad.

I would hold out for an SE Mad Catz stick though since they are MUCH easier to modify with arcade grade parts. Only reason I bought an EX2 at the time was because there was literally NOTHING else and things were still being learned about modding sticks with new gen consoles. Now I’m shelling out the big dough for a custom grade stick that works on PS2/3 and 360.

just buy the TE edition one if your going swap out for sanwa parts.
or go on ebay there couple custom for sale for decent price.