Is it worth it to pay 100$ for a hori ex2?

Absolutely not…

No, just no. End of Discussion.

Buy an SE and some new parts for it instead, way better use of your money.

I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a rusty knife than use a EX2. Worst stick I’ve ever used, so much so that I sold it for a 50% loss just to be rid of it

Similar for me too.

$100? I don’t know, you should be able to atleast get an SE for that price. Oddly though, in terms of stock product, I prefer the ex2 stick over that of the SE, but the buttons on the SE are better than an ex2.

A generous price for the ex2 is around $60. SE around $80.

Neither are worth $100 stock, but there is a stick crisis right now, so it might be worth it if you simply cannot wait any longer. With moderate to heavy use, you will get 3 months MAX out of the ex2 before the buttons are shot.

I rather get a block of MDF and whittle a case with a butter knife and a rock than pay 100 bucks for an EX2.

definitely not worth it. wait a little longer. demand for sticks is slowly decreasing and they’ll be available for cheap again. or you can spend the 100 bucks on a TE stick if you’ve got the extra 50.

just get a custom with the money that you have.

I bought an EX2 last year in the summer. It was a pretty decent stick. Unfortunately for me, at the 2 week mark, the middle top button stopped working every 2-3 times I would hit it. It was pretty annoying. I bought a TE once it came out and haven’t touched the EX2 since. I’ll probably just replace the buttons on the EX2 just so that I can have a controller for a 2nd player. If you have 100 dollars, I would recommend you wait and get a better stick than the EX2. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Have read that modding the EX2 isn’t the greatest as the buttons don’t use quickdisconnects. You have to unsolder everthing. Also it requuires some minimal modding. I also don’t really like how the button layout is, it kind of arcs downward to the right, which means you have to rotate your hand a bit.

i concluded NO… and i am gunna build my own…ue get better quailty parts AND ur have ur hand in customization and look

NO dont buy it. the ex2 retails for $59.99

The only reason you see it marked up so high is because of all the hype from SFIV.

These sticks were going for $50 new on ebay late 2008.