Is it worth it to pick up a 360 and XBL for this game from PSN?


Hey guys, I wanted a real non-biased opinion if its worth it for me to pick up a 360 and and XBL sub just to play Ultra? PSN was fine from Vanilla to AE, but with Ultra the game is kind of unplayable online.

I am definitely getting the PC version of Ultra when it comes out, but do you guys think I should get a 360 and ditch PSN altogether? Would like to hear from people with both systems that have played both online.



“worth it for me to pick up a 360 and and XBL sub just to play Ultra?”

I would say hell no. Just go get a PS4 or something instead if USF4 is the only X360 game your interested in. Though doesn’t lag that much and there’s plenty of players currently on.


PS3 is awful online compared to xbox imo, I bought a copy of AE when I got a ps3 last year and the best connections I ever got were comparable to yellow bar connections on xbox. It’s not worth buying a 360 for it alone though, especially if you’re getting it for PC, i’d say just wait a little longer for PC release.


Xbox has the best connection and biggest player base. If you’re like me and SF is all you play, and you have the cash, then maybe its not a bad idea.

It seems like they fucked with the netcode a bit, unfortunately, so maybe its not entirely worth it tbh. If you’re not satisfied with the PC release then I think you should consider it.


Yeah, “best” here is very relative as by all accounts USFIV on PSN is basically unplayable. With XBL at least most of the matches are…manageable. In short Capcom screwed the pooch on the netcode so badly that the pooch can’t walk properly and is in need of a soothing ointment. If you can delay gratification I would third the idea of waiting for the PC or disk release.