Is it worth it to pick up a Dreamcast nowadays?

I have a PS2 as well as a 360 so that’s what all my SF games are for. I came across someone selling a Dreamcast w/ Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK2, Puzzle Fighter, Third Strike…you get the picture. All the goods! Just curious is it worth it? I have most of these games for my other consoles but I have always heard that the Dreamcast was the bomb. Is it even worth it nowadays or are the games actually better on this console?

Long story short, yes! DC has a huge selection of Naiomi titles among other games that are easilly worth the consoles cheap value… 3S is one game that’s betr on PS2, but for Marvel and CvS2, DC is the way forward. Not to mention allt he awesome shooters the console has.

Dc is worth it. When I got my dc a second time I played that system alot more even though I had my modded ps2 and my xbox. Hell, only reason im not playing it now is because my friend is using it. Love that system to death. Played all my bootlegs and imports…

:rolleyes: How many times are we going to see a thread just like this in FGD? :rolleyes:

^^Atleast 5 more times this year.

No, a dreamcast is not worth it.

i have 2 dreamcasts and they gather dust as i have no comp and can play 2df and xboxlive for my fighting game needs. I would say no to behonest. Great system at the time though.

I just picked one up for fifteen bucks with 1 game and two controllers+mem cards. If you can find it for cheap and like schmups then yes it’s worth it. If you want it for the fighting games its…questionable at best.

You should buy that Hello Kitty DC I’ve heard so much about.

if you like marvel, yes.

anything else. stop it and play marvel

Its cheap, its portable, and if it was manufactured before Oct. 2000 you can just…

Dreamcast su-

is hit with a Green Goblin


Hm, that must be the last game I remember playing on my DC. If you can get it dirt cheap, it wouldn’t hurt. There are a bunch of classic games on it and good shmups. Definitely don’t buy it if you want fighting games, though. That’s a waste.

stfu reno

DC has some pretty good fighting game ports, a lot of excellent shooters, and some fun first party games. Add that to the low price of admission, and it’s a no-brainer recommendation.

Powerstone 2 is still one of the finest party games ever made.

Thanx for the feedback. Still somewhat undecided as the price isn’t dirt cheap but all the games it comes w/ are ones I would play. I still don’t have Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and to buy that for Xbox or PS2 runs around the price this guy’s asking for DC w/ all his games (Marvel Vs Capcom 2 included). That’s what originally put the idea in my head.

Nice throw, dude.

Me and my friends use to play the shit out of DC a year or two ago. It’s a great system.

Plus you don’t have to pay for games if you get what I mean.

Take it from someone who got their pre-ordered DC on 9/9/99…

Meh. I’ll gladly play inferior ports on my PS2. I have my sticks, and that’s the format I can expect to play competitively on. My yellowed Dreamcast is in the closet wishing it had more ammo than Project Justice and Soul Calibur.

Definitely worth it, I just bought a brand new DC off Ebay. I was missing it especially with all the fighting games. I picked up MvC2 and a brand new Agetec arcade from some dude off’s message boards.

Luckily, most of the games are dirt cheap…so my library is about to get huge!