Is it worth it to pick up a Dreamcast nowadays?

What? You never played 4-player Mvc1, cvs, or kof 99 DM, or any of the other fighters?

I own

MvC 2
Soul Calibur
Project Justice
Third Strike
Alpha 3

I’m not really itching to play any of the above. I have CvS2 for my PS2, and sequals, ports, or updates to all of the above on my PS2 or 360 (except for PJ). Eh.

your avatar looks 3d to me

How is the 360 version of Soul Calibur a update when it is basically a stripped down port of the DC version? I know you said ports too, but why would you even list a stripped down port for 360?

I agree, a dreamcast is a must if your a marvel player, if your not than I dont see a reason.

Picked one up a year ago, glad I did. My old one lasted about a couple of years, was sad as hell when it gave on me. Since I had a lot of fighters and shit on the system, it made sense to get a new one.

I have MvC2, CvS2, ST, Project Justice, Ikaruga, Giga Wing 1+2, Mars Matrix, SF3:DI, and Soul Calibur… you basically don’t need anythign else.

Aww neg rep… even though I was being sarcastic.

I’m one of the very few who actually owned (in the whole country) and played the shit out of my Dreamcast. I still have it and all the games back home… and were talking about 150+ games that I have.

Shenmue is still one of my all time favorite games.

I can play Sonic Adventure and Crazi Taxi on there like there is no tomorrow. Plus it’s port of Resident Evil: Code Veronica is my favorite.

For fighters I just love the Toodles disc, most of my favorite games on one disc so I never have to worry about getting up to switch games out.

Dude if you go to get one just go to a PAWN SHOP i got mine for $11 bucks cant beat that at all

I guess the cool thing is I would be getting some good games with it instead of hunting them down. He’s got Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Capcom vs Snk 2, Super Street Fighter 2, Ikaruga, Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, and others he would throw in.

There’s mention earlier in the thread that you can have 4 people playing at once. Are there many DC games like that other than Marvel vs Capcom? Can you have 4 people for that game on Xbox or PS2?

And I’ll betcha that’s one disc. :slight_smile:

  • it has alpha 3

I probably should have typed, “I’m not really itching to play any of the above. I have CvS2 for my PS2, and sequels, ports, or updates to all of the above on my PS2 or 360 (except for PJ). Eh.”

I must have lost you when I misspelled sequels.

Damn, where is Super Warrior when you want him?

Got my DC on the 9’s too, loved it and still do. Had alot of innovative and quality titles, was my first experience with online play(im talkin 56k nigga) and you gotta love chu chu rocket and seaman(got realy high and busted this out not too long ago). Plus toodles is god like.

Proud owner of 3 DC’s. Shit, I have one sitting 3 ft. from me right now in my living room.

MOTW, MvC2, Vampire Chronicle, PJ, A3, LB2, Shenmue 1/2, all that good stuff.

The DC was godly.

i own between 3-5 dcs in buried somewhere in my closet. they’re always great to have


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