Is it worth it to upgrade?


Hi I got my SF4 SE fightstick a few days ago and I’ve been having a few problems with it, specifically with charge moves. With these small problems, I really haven’t enjoyed my stick that much, nor do I feel that it has improved my gameplay. I was wondering what everyone’s opinion was on whether or not I should upgrade it. Since I’m really not enjoying it right now, is it worth another 50 bucks to upgrade it, or should I cut my losses and accept the fact that it’s still freaking cool and just play with it for fun occasionally.



you should play on it for 6 months straight. No controller. If at the end of this you still don’t like it you should have a specific reason why. Which couldbe fixed with a different type of stick or you just aren’t meant to play fighting games.

Seriously, all it takes is time to learn. The real advantage of a stick comes at high levels of play.
The bigest advantage is not having blisters from 4 hours of fireballs ok your thumb.


Go on and upgrade it, it’ll be worth it. If you have the chance to better what you have then take it. Practicing with shit will not do you any good when you can be practicing with the standard.


I definitely think it is. Although you can look at it as cutting your losses, the way I saw it was, I already dropped so much I might as well drop that extra and be able to play on it enjoyably for a long time to come.
I would say in this situation give it a chance (since you already have it) and gauge how much you truly enjoy playing SFIV and/or other fighting games and see if even owning a stick is right from you. From there you can decide:
a) Mod it up so that you can have that competition-level stick you want or
b) Just cut your losses and make your money back, if not more (by selling it used or playing on it until it craps out and trying to get MadCatz to send you a new one and then selling it)


I mean I agree that I need to spend more time with it, but it just doesn’t read charge attacks. And I use an xbox controller and have actually learned to use the joystick instead of the d-pad so my thumbs don’t kill anymore.


Well the fightstick has enough built in issues with the stick itself that there is a good chance that no matter how long you spend with it you won’t get any better. Upgrade it to an LS-32 and play with something that works and will let your practice in a productive manner.


If it is simply an input issue, you won’t lose much just ordering or finding a used JLF on the forums. I started on a mayflash stick and man did that stick suck, as soon as I switched to the JLF it was night and day difference in feel, and maybe that is what you need, as the Hori style joysticks are not the greatest.


Make sure the little switch on your fightstick is set to DP and not LS.


It was, thanks for the suggestion tho


It all depends on how sure you are it’s actually a fault with the stick.

If your SE is working correctly, charge moves are a breeze. You might pop a Sanwa or Seimitsu in there and find out you’re having the exact same problems.

It doesn’t hurt to just practice for another couple of weeks to make sure you’re absolutely confident it’s the stick and not you.


i would try and sell it for a profit now, and when the better sticks become more common or just cheaper on e-bay i would then consider getting one again.

personally i will be making a couple of customs when i get the parts in and seeing where it all goes from there. i cannot see myself becoming bored of using them or even making them for that matter, but who knows.


Thanks for opinions. Gonna keep it as is for a while and wait a month or so, see how often I’m still playing. Thanks. Whoever is in charge of closing forums can close this.