Is it worth it?

I’ve been considering getting either a Wii or a 360 to sit alongside my PS3 these last couple of days. I’ve played a lot of 360 and Wii at friends/family’s houses, but my tastes are vastly different.

TvC, SSBB, and GGXX Accent Core are the games I’m most interested in…

What other good fighters are on this system? Are SSBB and TvC worth the system for? Did you regret buying one? What are the official TvC sticks like, if you’ve used them?

Thanks guys.

Edit: Not sure if this is the right section, but…

Don’t buy a Wii just for TvC. Get an xbox 360. Also I think the version of GG is broken on the Wii. I know the hori stick is wireless and I am unsure about the TvC one.

In reference to the above poster’s response, don’t get an RROD 360, especially since you already have a PS3 and their game libraries are about 85% identical.

As far as Wii goes, I’m not really sure it’s worth it for just fighting games. Especially SSBB. Brawl is a very fun party/goof off game, but as any kind of serious or competitive fighter it is borked. Beyond Brawl, there really isn’t a whole lot. TvC and GGXXAC are the only other majorly notable ones. And TvC has to be either imported or pirated.

if you’re talking about just fighting games…then currently no wii is lacking some meat in that department…

But even though it’s lacking in the FG department, doesn’t give you any less reason to cop one. Can we say…NO MORE HEROES!!! The Wii has a lot of games that use the Wii in very innovative ways. So you might wanna hold up until you find more reason than TvC to cop one.

dont bother with wii if ur want fighting games, tvc is asian only, you need to spend money ona chip or figure something out if you do. better off getting a 360 , has plenty of fighters and decent online only downside is you have to pay for xbox live

The wii has plenty of fighting games (more than the 360 and PS3 if you include vc ):

Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkaichi 2-3
Bleach Shattered Blade
Naruto Clash of Revolution 1-2
Naruto Shippuuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX-EX2
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
King of Fighters Orochi saga
Super Smash bros. Brawl
Castlvania Judgment
Mortal Kombat Armageddon
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (import only)

and for vc:

Street Fighter 2’s from SNES and Sega Generation
Art of Fighting 1-2
World Heroes
Fatal Fury 1-2
Virtual Fighter 2
Samurai Shodown 1-2
King of Monsters
Eternal Champions

And there still unreleased titles:

Samurai Shodown Anthology(Mar 09)
TMNT fighter (TBA)
Toshinden (TBA)

The real question is what kind of fighting games do you like. The wii is more of a classic/retro 2D and nontraditional/free-roaming 3D fighter console. While the 360 and PS3 are more traditional in both 2D and 3D aspect. I tell you this if you already have a PS3 you’re not going to find much if any fighting games for the 360 that can not already be purchased for your PS3.

wii has a soft mod
homebrew channel ftw

Well, it’s not so much the type of FGs I like, as the qualities in them. I like any game that is deep, in some way complex, and enjoyable. (The three games I have been playing this week are SF2THD, FF9, and Neverwinter Nights, lol). TvC looks very fun, and I can see myself going through the extra trouble if it means tourney action. My sister has a Wii, and when I’m at my Dad’s pad we play Golf and shit on that. Seems like a fun console all round really. I don’t get how people can call it a casual console when it’s the only one which doesn’t have 6 billion FPSes on it.

Well then, just look at the selection of games for it and make the call yourself. There is some good stuff for the Wii. But there’s a lot of shovelware too.

I have a 360 and a Wii and I’ve only used my Wii for like 5 games… not really worth it especially with its current craptastic library of retarder games, who keeps buying shite like Imagine you’re fat and nobody likes you by Ubicrap.

My recommendation is your borrow your sister’s Wii for a few days/weeks and play it a lot. Then see how you like it after that. Just playing someone else’s console now and again for at most a few hours at a time is not indicative of what your true gaming experience will be like with the Wii, since you don’t have enough time to get bored of it, and in that situation, you’re never playing it by yourself.

What 5 games are those?

i got the wii when it first came out and at first i thought it was a bad investment but when more games started to come out i enjoyed it more. No More Heroes is fun as hell, i like the web system in Web of Shadows, im learning ggac on it and im getting tvc later. mario kart is addicting and fun as fuck and metroid prime makes for a fun fps. due to life situations i had to sell part of my library but i also enjoyed playin twillight princess, super paper mario, nba live, and mario galaxy. i would suggest getting it but at the same time we probably have different taste in games outside of fighters so rent some games and see if your sister will let you play them to get a feel of it.

on another note theres another tmnt fighter coming out? hell yeah :woot:

i don’t know if the fact that i’m a chick makes a difference or not but i feel that the wii is worth it if you are willing to embrace it. yeah it might not be as ‘cool’ as the ps3 or xbox, but it is innovative and genuinely fun to play. it is definitely family friendly and would be a good choice if you are looking to get people who don’t really play video games to join in the fun…my parents for example love playing the wii and have picked it up fairly easily. my nieces are the same way. i was raised on nintendo and will love it forever so the wii was the right choice for me. i like the selection of games that are available, although there is always room for improvement in that department. as for fighting games well, obviously the wii does not compare to the xbox 360 or ps3 but there are a few options out there.

I think that with the wii you have to know what you’re getting going in. Due to its hardware limits you aren’t going to get the latest shooter of the moment or the standard “hardcore” titles (that’s an overrated designation IMO). However you are going to get some pretty quirky and inventive titles and if the controls are done right, a unique gaming experience. I grew up on the big N and love their first party titles and the Virtual Console is a definite plus. Frankly, if you aren’t a big shooter fan I would get a wii because the vast majority of 360 titles can be found on either the PS3 or PC. The wii is a good party machine and if you like Nintendo’s flagship titles and the better third party ones, its a very good addition to your gaming library.

But hey, like Cinna said maybe its a girl gamer thing.

TvC is a fun game and GG too but when it comes to fighters thats it on the Wii the TvC stick sucks from what I’ve heard the Hori for it is fine though.

yeah, just get a 360. TvC is great and all, just doesn’t exactly warrant the purchase of a Wii…and forget about that TvC stick, it’s a piece of shit. go with the Hori

Wii sucks online. Just look at brawl, its unplayable.

Oh yeah, do they sell hori sticks with a stick instead of a ball? I hate the ball.