Is it worth it?


what is your definition of ‘worthwhile’?


Games that are worth playing. As in, not the shovelware that composes 90% of the wii’s library?


My Favorites…

Mario Galaxy
Mario Kart
Mario Strikers
Metroid Prime 3
Brawl (A LOT of people hate it, but it’s fun srewing around with Items on )
Castle of Shikigami 3
House of the Dead 2 and 3
Metal Slug Anthology
GG Accent Core.

Only games I’m looking forward to getting are MAdworld and Waiting on new F-Zero and Mario Golf.

There are SOME good games, just few and far between.


I know the wii has a lot of shovelware but there are a few titles that come out that are good that nobody seems to pay any attention too…like Deadly Creatures

I’m actually interested in Castle of Shikigami 3…I saw it at our store and was wondering what it was about. I haven’t done any research into it quite yet. You didn’t play House of the Dead Overkill? Not interested in The Conduit? Muramasa?


Castle of Shikigami 3 is a great shmup.


COS3 is a lot of fun. I was going to actually buy the Raiden Games for x360, but my friend persuaded me into trying COS. GREAT Shmup so far. the game gets nuts, but it’s still a LOT of fun. I like how you can iuse different characters and they all have different weapon types and such.

it’s not that I don’t like those games, it’s just i’ve been buying other things and havent gotten a chance to play them yet. SF4 and Battle Fantasia have been consuming much of my time lately.


you guys should really visit the Wii thread in general discussion more often if you don’t already. I just rebooted it.


I picked up a Wii before any other current gen console, but never got that into it except for parties

I enjoyed some of the games on it for a while, but the only games I ever played for more than 5 hours total by myself were Guitar Hero 3 and Ninja Gaiden 2 for the Virtual Console

All in all I think it was a bad investment, since I bought the Wii new for full price and paid the full price for all the games I bought, which was pretty much every blockbuster game from 2007/2008, and I’ve played more on the X-Box 360 in the last month than I did over the course of 9 months of Wii ownership

SSBB sucked online, but that was mostly due to my crappy internet connection


SSBB still sucks online, and I have a 20down/5up cable connection. It’s mostly on Nintendo’s end I believe. I haven’t tried it in a while though…Maybe it’s gotten better…


Nope. Still as bad as you remember.


Wii Wouldn’t be a bad choice

Nintendo Wii wouldn’t be a bad choice if you already own a PS3.
Honestly, I really liked Super Smash Bros Brawl.
I used to play King of Fighters and other fighting games on a used SNK Neo Geo :lovin:.
This console was the best choice. You could play those games again on the Wii virtual console.
Again, I think the Nintendo Wii would be more appropriate for you.


Stick to the neo geo, it has more KOF’s than the wii does right now, and buying a wii just for brawl really ain’t that good of a reason. Lucky you got a neo geo though. :arazz:


Arent Neo-Geo’s Expensive though??


Not to mention a few GC titles if you have a controller for it:

  • Capcom vs. Snk 2 EO
  • Soul Calibur II
  • Smash bros. Melee
  • Bloody Roar: Primal Fury
  • X-men Next Dimension
  • Marvel Nemesis
  • many many more

Most Wii fighters (including TVC) support a GC controller so buying a stick for GC would be a great way to get your fighting
fix on Wii.

Honestly, the only thing a PS3 would be good for, in your case, is blu-ray.


If you’re really set on buying a new console, get the wii. I own all three systems, (no, I’m not trying to sound like a jerk), and I find myself picking up the wiimote or sixaxis way more than the xbox 360 controller. Microsoft isn’t really doing it for me with the console exclusives, besides Halo 3 and gears. And pretty much everything thats on the 360 will get a ps3 release so why buy it anyways? TvC’s US release, considering the online possibility, already justifies the Wii purchase IMO.


Dude, PS3 ownz a weak ass wii. bluray+hd space+usb+Linux. Oh yah and no Street Fighter 4 on Wii. Nintendo needs a new system thats totally backwards compatible with Wii/DS games. Have you seen the motion controls Sony presented at E3. It ownz Wii motion sensor system.


For TvC online, i say it’s worth it in that sense. Not too expensive of a system if you consider a 360 which would be about 50 bucks more (pro, 60Gb hdd, not including tax)


honostly i say just use a ps2 and dreamcast. way better games. on those systems than on the wii 360 or ps3 (with the exception of mgs4)


i’d say get it u aint got a problem throwing away money on something, i enjoy the wii for it offers, i do have both tvc & smbb and many others but its like i have a PS3 which i play all the time and wii only really used like 1 a week and thats pushing it. its fun a console but only spend money on it, if u dont really care about the outcome of ur purchase down the line.


im pretty sure this post is full of win :).