Is it worth jumping ship for this?


Well basicly I’ve been maining Rachel since the BBCT console release and with her nerfs in CS I’ve been eyeing up the possibilitys of switching to Mu because it looks like she plays a bit like Rachel being able to zone and then approach using the advantage off her projectiles but with good damage.

The trouble is that SvB is less than a month away and my pre-ordered copy of CS still has yet to arrive.

I feel like I’ve had a decent grasp on CT Rachel now so I’m not sure whether it’d be better to suck up the damage reductions and worse pumpkin to stick with what I know and have been practicing for a year and try and adapt to her changes or pick up Mu from scratch in the hopes that I can learn her quick enough to feel as comfortable using her as I would CT Rachel by the time SvB rolls around.

Thanks for any help.


Took me a while to understand what SvB was. Anyways, what feels comfortable with you? Do you feel you can perform decently despite the nerfs, go ahead with Rachel. If you don’t believe you can handle using her, then go to Mu. I know what I said wasn’t really advice but in the end, character choice is based on the players comfort in using. Good luck!


I was under the impression that the nerfs to Rachel in BB:CS were so severe that the most reliable and consistent way to win was to use her ability to fly away after getting the life lead and winning by time out.

Why would you play that kind of character? I understand the love for CT Rachel but unless you MUST play the vampire loli character, you should probably find a new main.


play who you like.


Not sure, but Accent Core Bridget still saw play, so there must be some demand.

That said, Rachel’s zoning and corner lockdown are still quite good, it’s just her damage that sucks. Taking the balance patch supposedly coming in six months into consideration (where Rachel will almost certainly see buffs), I don’t see any reason not to play her. Mu is rushdown with (weak) projectiles for cover, whereas Rachel (in CS) is pure zoning / lockdown.


CS Rachel is completely different from CT Rachel (read: she’s complete garbage). Try to play the new game because you’re in for some surprises when all of a sudden nothing works now.


If you like the character, stick with her. There’s a balance patch coming in a few months where she’ll almost definitely get buffed up past bottom tier, I’d say at least to mid tier given the way the character works. Sure, you may do badly at SvB (SvB = Super vs. Battle right?), and any other tournaments before the patch, but consider them as practice. Hell, if you do well with nerfed Rachel at those tournaments, you’ll wreck when she gets buffed up, and trust me, she WILL get buffed.


Thanks, I guess I’ll probably take the advice to “play the new game” and see where it takes me, hearing that Rachel’s zoning and lockdown is still good is pretty good to know though.