Is it worth learning street fighter alpha 3 anymore?/ Arcana heart help

I play sf4 and i was wondering should i even bother getting good at a3? i really like the game but i never see tourneys for it so i assume ppl just forgot about it.

now arcana heart I just watched some vids about it and it looks beast. I plan on getting good at this. can some one point me to a place that i can learn the game fullly mechanics and all

Which version of Arcana heart? The arcana heart Threads in the fighting game discussion forums are probabaly the best place to learn about Arcana its where everyone would post when the game came out.

Err i think Europe still has a scene? I am not sure but i remember it being one of their main games in their big tournie. But other than that A3 is GGPO only, i wouldn’t put too much effort into it unless you got a dedicated group or love the game that much.

Alpha 3 is fun as hell. But i don’t think you want to try to get super good at it. Learn to fuck around with your buddies. Comp wise though, don’t bother

Ya GGPO is pretty much it as far as the A3 scene goes.

A3 is a dope game. Pity about the CC bullshit though. I still play A3 occasionally to keep my execution up.

You can play it on GGPO but I don’t see any big tournaments…ever haha

Which “bullshit”?

Alpha 3 will probably just make you lazy. I always catch myself jumping excessively after playing the Alpha games.

What the? “Jumping excessively” is pretty unadvised in A3 outside of chicken blocking regular jump-ins

Alpha style CC’s in general. Didn’t like them in A2 or A3. Leads to dumb shit like unblockables and easy corner infinites.

yep! 8) it’s always fun wether you like it or not.

yep! 8) it’s always fun wether you like it or not.

Haha. Are you saying that from experience or are you just parroting what you read someone else say online? 'Cause to actually rue the effects of the game revolving around CC activation, you need to be playing at a pretty high level

Lol, maybe the guys I used to play with were high level then because I got unblockable crossup CC’s and and fireball hopkicks into jumping strong pretty often. I never played v-ism in A3.