Is it worth modding an Agetec Dreamcast stick for Xbox 360?


I’ve been insanely happy playing SF4 with my Sanwa’d-out Madcatz SE Fightstick, but I need another stick for my friends to play on, and lord knows it’s impossible to find one right now.

I just searched my mother’s basement and found one of my old Dreamcast Agetec sticks, and it seems like the stick and buttons are in pretty good shape still. Is it worth it to pull the guts out of the thing and put in a Xbox 360 PCB? My Dreamcast is long gone, and I’m anticipating MvC2 being released on Xbox eventually, so I don’t think I’ll have any use for the thing, except selling it on eBay.

Also, is this going to be a really difficult mod for a beginner? I haven’t done anything more complicated than swapping the stick and the buttons on my SE–I’m looking for a fun little project, not something that’s gonna require ten different tools and pulling my hair out. Is it just a matter of cracking open a cheap controller for a PCB and soldering it to the stick?


Resounding “Yes”.


i did mine 7 months ago…the hardest part was filing the button hole of the metal panel. Since its around 28mm you’ll have to file it down to 30mm. You’ll also have to cut down the plastic surrounding to make space for the joystick. hope that help.


Never done much soldering before, but I’m not too scared to try it out, either. Seems simple enough.

As for the PCB, I hadn’t researched that far yet. Not even sure what “common ground” is yet :lol:


read up alil more before you give it a go… dont wanna see that agetec go to waste :slight_smile:

a common ground is just what it says… its like having a mutual friend, the friend in this case being the ground shared between all the buttons. Each button has a signal and a ground. On a common ground pcb, all the grounds are tied together. This makes it easier to wire up because you can run 1 ground wire from the pcb and loop it to all the button grounds as well as the ground from the joystick (Sanwa/Seimitsu)

hope that helps alil


little info here

hope it helps a little, i uploaded a pic on that thread to show whats needed to chop if you go for the madcats live stick pcb


Just did the same mod with full Sanwa-swap.

Pictures here. Text is norwegian though. I have no idea what the english name is for the tool I used to widen the button holes. Each hole only took a few seconds. And, yes; I should have used OBSN buttons, but the holes are so tight that the buttons fit nicely.

(wohoo, my first post on SRK)


I hate to see DC sticks hacked up… but THAT sir is AWESOME!!


most modding tutorials for the agetec that i’ve found are dead links now but check out this one to get an idea,
I’m going to be doing this myself whenever my lizardlick order arrives but going to make it wireless for ps3.


nice tutorial, wish I had an agetec to give it a go…


oh yeah, you might want to hang onto the agetec pcb, might be useful in trade here since its supposed to be very easy to work on for people who still want dreamcast sticks.


Agetec sticks are awesome. I just bought a second and third one simply because I like playing on my modded DC agetec way more than my MadCatz SE, so I got a shell just to throw a Cthulhu in.


where u get the shell from?


Friend with benefits…? :rolleyes: