Is it worth to buy a fight pad?


I dont wanna play on keyboard anymore but a good fighting stick is too expensive so i thought of buying a fightpad by madcatz is it worth ? Because some people say they get broken after some months


Buy an PlaySega controller from ebay, and put its PCB in an original SEGA Saturn controller from the '90s. This is the only controller I’ll recommend.


I wouldn’t say that you HAVE to get a fightpad. You can play on any controller you feel comfortable with; So I’d say try it, or other pads you may wanna try and go with the one you like the most. I personally like the arcade stick the most.


You should definitely try the fightpad, its pretty good I can do all the motions perfectly on it


A fightpad will almost certainly break within a few months. That being said, a lot of people still like them. I’d personally prefer a stick, but if cost is a major factor then a fightpad is an okay option.


I think the PS2 and PS4 pads are both far superior to MadCatz pads, and you can buy a lagless adapter to use them on your system of choice (except XBone). The fightpads are made for people who use a claw grip and want all of the buttons on the front, but if you use a regular grip, shoulder buttons are easier to access.


Nothing wrong with a pad, one of my favorite tournament players uses one (Smug). I know you said cost is a factor for a stick, but I would highly recommend this budget option. I’m using it now and it’s fantastic.


I can’t agree with this enough. Thouhg I do feel their other better pad. Just the notion that fightpad is really only good for people who wants to use claw style handling. besides that one can do fine with other standard controllers.

If staying on PC than i recommend getting Snes, Saturn, Wii u Pro, or PSX controller.


It all depends on how rough you treat it.

I have an original MadCatz fightpad from 2009 that’s still in good working condition since it’s well maintained and never abused.


Well…what I’d do is buy the fightpad and start playing with that for awhile, and save up for the stick you want. I think you can also create a fightstick out of the fightpad, just use the PCB.


depends on your budget lol
but seriously a madcatz is good just keep it in good condition and you are ready to go. though i would also recommend a ps4 controller as the bottom line
i got one and havent looked back
its versatile and can be condfigured to pc and ps3 with realtive ease


Do you have any soldering knowledge or know anyone who does who you can ask for a favour?

If cost is what’s keeping you from getting a decent stick, making your own can be a very real option, try looking up some pad-hacking guides in tech talk, grab a cheap pad, some spare wood/tupperware container/mdf (I even used a shoebox for a while) and some buttons and a stick (Gremlinsolutions has them in the UK and I hear Lizardlick is meant to be good in the US) and you can be ready to go for around half the price of buying a TE or whatever.


Isn’t the ps4 controller wireless? I’m looking to try a fightpad but I hated the ps3 (and to a lesser extent ps2) controller as it tore up my thumb.


PS4 controllers only work on PS3 when wired. I assume the same is true of the PC.


Fight pads are a weird middle ground. Just pony up and get a stick.


I played on keyboard for a few months before just saving up for a stick. Never looked back. I tried playing pad the other day and I felt retarded lol, use what suits you… maybe you’ll be good with pad. But I’d use a PS2/PS3 controller, not those madcatz fightpads.