Is it worth to pick USFIV now?

Hi, I’m Gromo.
I watched trailer or gameplay from SFV somehow 1 month ago and I felt in love in this game. I watch every video from this game, every teaser, spoiler. Just everything.
I heard that SFV will be release near March 2016, officialy Spring 2016.
I feel i can’t wait that much time. I’m thinking about buying USF4 now and training since SFV release. Is it a good idea?
Is it possible to learn anything about fundamentals in SFV while playing USFIV as one of returning characters in SFV, like Ryu, Cammy, Chun-Li? (I thought about Ken, but he will have nice changes compared to SF4).
My experience with fighting games is very low. I played Sould Blade on PSX with my brother, Tekken 3 with my friend on his PSX but I wasn’t so good, usually I won 10% of fights. Even my grandma was better than me :smiley: (She played as Sophia in Sould Blade).
I have only PC, so if I would pick USF4 or SFV, I will choose PC/Steam version. For my PC i have X360 controller, so I can play on keayboard and/or gamepad.

Thanks for every reply,

General fighting game skills carry over to some extend.
Learning how to learn a game carries over, too.
You’re still basically at square one though when SFV comes out.

If you plan on playing a lot then go on those 28 bucks don’t go to waste if you blow in a couple of hours and enjoy yourself.
Be aware that the online multiplayer is fucking shit though. Still better than most other PC fighting games, but worlds behind those games that offer good online multiplayer.

USFIV won’t cost me 28 bucks. In my country I can get it for somehow 8 bucks, just regional pricing.
But why online multiplayer is so bad on PC? I thought that USFIV has well made multiplayer, few months ago there was patch release on steam which have to repair netplay. I saw few streams from PC, and i didn’t saw bigger problems with playing.

A day after wtriting this post ^ I see that I didn’t exactly desribed what i thought.

What kind of problems can I encounter while playing online multiplayer on PC?
Lags, 10 players online, disconnects, frame drops or something?

And the most important questions for me.
Is it possible to get bad habits while playing USF4 now, which will be hard to lose after SFV release?
How much different mechanics, playstyles or something like this will have SFV while comparing to USF4?
Will SF5 be something like upgrade to SF4 mechanics or completely different game with brand new playstyle?

  1. Yes but mostly for old habit’s like P-linking (aka Plinking which the SFV engine doesnt support) which you would likely not have time to develop into muscle memory before SFV release.
  2. Entirely different engines and linking options but most of the core gameplay is retained in a more condensed form.
  3. Entirely different engine with it’s own flow and playstyle even for returning cast. (i.e. Ryu is more offence orientated in SFV, Ken’s core SFIV options like Kara commands etc are not supposed to carry over into 5)

There’s nothing wrong with picking up 4 for fun and learning basics like properly blocking and punishing, spacing etc but it’s mostly engine specific options like Focus attack that are not porting over as SFV has it’s own V engine implemented.

While @ArtVandelay is greatly exaggerating the netcode issues as they are not that bad, not that bad is really problematic for fighting games.
When higher level play is measured in Frames per second, and SF4 doesnt use a rollback code if any lag occurs you simply lose inputs.

Say you imputed the motion for dragon punch which is forward, down,down+forward+Punch if these occur on frame 1 2 and 3 and you lag on say frame 3 the system only sees down, down+forward+punch.
In SF4 this would actually register this as a dragon punch but that is due to the shortcut leniency which is not supposed to carry over into 5.
This leads to bad habits in the mindset of “It doesn’t matter since the move came out anyway” which leads to bad fundamentals etc.
So a whole segment of players who started with SF4 online basically are used to just mashing away and having a system that doesn’t really punish them for it, this is going to be a very rude awakening in sf5 when that doesn’t work.

It’s nice to hear that. I was thinking about picking Ryu but I was a little bit scared that he would be like bale of wood. I think I would like to play as offensive characters.

It seems to me that SFV will be much more lag vulnerable than SF4.
I heard that Capcom will provide an input queuing, but if they don’t want to implement the system you are talking about, it is possible that we will have big problems with playing online on PC.
I hope that is just my bad dream, and upcoming beta will dispel any doubts in this regard.

Thank you very much for help.

I think v will have better net code because it is using roll back style, which is better for fighting games.

Sfxt had better netcode from what I was told, so perhaps capcom is making progress with net code

Depends on where you live. Rollback netcode felt terrible in my part of the country

I’m from Poland. We do not have arcade bars or something here, so the only way to learn fighting game is playing online.
Even my friends do not play fighting games. Most often game played by my friends is a new Counter Strike or League of Legends.
Fighting gasme scene in my country is not so big like in USA, Japan or France but I’m not so much in to be 100% sure.
I do not know how Street Fightrer online is working here.

We’re still 5-6 months away from SFV, so I’d most definetly say go for it. And we’re still looking forward to some hype tournaments this year and that might get you pumped up for SFIV and into SFV. If you’re a competitive person getting destroyed in IV might give you some teeth to pay back in V.

Don’t play on wireless.

Also if you prepurchase V you can play it for a few days the coming week.

I’m a little bit scared about it. I was watching statistics, there is around 1100 players playing USF4 on Steam every day. It’s not too little but since 2009 when SF4 was released, there are only pros, semi-pros and skilled competetive players. This is my point of view, and that’s why I didn’t bought USF4 yet. I think very hard about going into USF4 but it’s very hard to decide. I’m afraid that I’ll throw the game after very big lose streak and never come back, even after SF5 release. I do not have any friend playing fighting games, so only way to play vs other players is online, but there I can find too many more skilled players than me.

I never had anything wireless. In past it was too expensive beacause of batteries. Now it’s not worth it because of lags and other input issues.
I’m always wired. I play on PC and I sit 0,5 meters from a monitor, maybe 1 meter while playing on pad.

First I have to upgrade my PC. I didn’t done it for few years, so new games won’t run. At this moment I’m saving money for new PC.

Before you buy see if you can find a sort of tutor in these forums to help you out, shouldn’t be hard in Europe. I’ve said this multiple times but that’s the fastest and best way to learn the game and not be frustrated.

If you can’t though, with your concerns in mind, yeah, trying to get into USFIV now won’t be a good idea.

Who gives a shit?
I started with SF4 shortly before USF4 got announced, got bopped all the time, still get bopped but I got a shitload better in the process.
I’m still shit at the game but if you don’t even start, then you’ll stay shit forever.

If you don’t learn how to learn a fighting game, you’re gonna have a pretty bad start in SFV.

Add people to your friends list that suck as much as you or are slightly better and play sets with them if your emotional base frame doesn’t allow for hundreds of defeats in a row.
Getting rekt is important though, since you don’t learn from winning.

That’s why I have so big problem with decision to go int USF4.

On the one side, I have to learn how to learn a fighting game, as you say. Picking USF4 now I have chance, to do something and be slightly better after SFV release.
On the other side there is a chance to lose everything. I have the chance that I will not meet anyone who play so poorly as I. I will be only discouraged and I won’t pick SFV.

I know that I need to lose a number of matches in order to become a man in fighting games. It will be better if I lose a part of these matches now, in USF4 but I’m really afraid that I won’t earn anything that will help me playing SFV. It’s possible to get only frustration while playing USF4. I do not want to give up fighting games only because I lost big bunch of games in USF4 but after really big lose streak it’s possible for me.
i know I will have to lose, but knowledge that there is other people in SFV like me and started fighting games from SF5 will work for me reassuringly.

You don’t jump into a ring vs Mike Tyson to learn boxing. Losing mindlessly is counterproductive.

I know. In SFV there will be people like me, who suck in fighting games or started from SFV. I will have chance to fight with them adn stay with community.
I think in USF4 there are mostly pros, semi-pros or competetive players who play SF4 few years and I have no chance to fight with them. If 1100 people play today in USF4 on Steam (PC), how much of them are noobs or newbies like me? I think less than 100.

Plus if on pc you can get it pretty cheaply right now.

I can get it even cheaper. In Poland, I can get it for 29 PLN, it’s ~8 dollars. So the price is not most important.

Yes I wouldn’t want to play on wireless for any game. There are times when wireless feels better than cable for me though.

I agree and I’d say it can be very beneficial. I’ve played 3s for about 30 seconds in my life until last week. I decided try and learn it. Forget the fact that everyone online can wipe the floor with me, that’s not the point.

The point is - I was having trouble doing special moves and supers in 3s. I’ve never felt like such a noob. My rate was like 1 out of 5 in successfully executing a super. I realized that USF4 has trained me to have sloppy inputs. Since then, I worked on 3s trials and training mode and my inputs and MUCH crisper and that has helped me in USF4.

So @Gromo , I would say that picking up a fighting game now would most likely help your fingers, hands, and wrists get used to some of the common motions that are universal in a lot of games. If you choose USF4, you should know that the game is pretty lenient with it’s inputs, but overall, it’s important for you to start learning how to do QCF’s and basic inputs. Better to learn that now than later.