Is it wrong to block/turtle

as topic, i am from singapore and most people i played with hated me to block/turtle and strike back when time is right… especially a zangief i fought who is quite well known there and hated when i excecuted alot of jump back fiece which hit most of the time…

they call turtling stupid and encouraged me not to read this forum’s match up thread lol. which included defensive methods when encountering chars like zangief, blanka

well is rushing all the way smarter or blocking and doing simple fierce button? just like ryu spamming fireballs where everyone is used to it and they are not used to balrog dashin back and blocking when pressured

i know rogs are really good at blocking and i should make use of it so i wonder what u guys think

ps: this topic is meant for those who play rogs and arent from my country
roughly my playstyle

their playstyle

Play to win.

If you can win a match by turtling, then turtle.

If you can win a match by rushing down, then rush down.

If your opponent can’t handle the way you play and refuses to learn how, tell them to get the fuck out.

If you have fun doing it, and it doesn’t bother you when other people hate playing you.

there’s no need for you to subscribe to the play-to-win mentality unless you want to play in tournaments or you’re just especially competitive.

rushing down against zangief is death

ur right, but i keep getting haters at arcades, at home i play with westerners and jap and i dont see much complaining but right here im just so sick of them…when i explain they just say theres other way to counter than block, its like 1 defensive player vs the rest of singapore’s sf offensive team… at least i know im not alone now i’ll jus stick to my way of playing… thx guys

I think you jump too much after watching those videos but if they can’t beat you then you must be doing something right, and if they can’t beat you then they certainly shouldn’t be compared to the best Geif in the world.

Turtling is actually the smart thing to do in those match-ups. If they think otherwise, they’re scrubs.

Do whatever it takes to win. If they can’t beat your turtle that’s their problem. May even want to throw in a couple taunts to piss them off even more haha

lol good way but some would bang on the arcade machine so hard it looks like its going to spoi(dont wanna play on spoilt machines)l… im not that good to beat all of them anyways just wanted to know if turtling is cheating to most ppl or something… to me rushing is cool but too many people are doing that and i like to see my opponent’s attacks with patience that is y i play that way but to them i am scared to lose so whatever.

anyway turtle-term sounds bad that is y i thought im at wrong for doing that at first

I’m not a balrog player so I hope you don’t mind me posting. I wish I could play everybody you see rushing down I seem to get an endless stream of turtlers, I hate turtling but to be honest against Zangief and Blanka your opponents should kind of expect it. Trying to rush Zangief is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Zangief players should expect you to play defensively so turtle away but tbh I hate when people turtle when they face somebody who they really don 't have to turtle up against. Just my opinion.

you should never be lead to believe that using a mechanic that is built into the game is grounds for cheating. blocking may seem lame and simple but a good defense is much more important at high level play than offense. i believe there is a saying for marvel that was something like " in low level play aggressive playing is rewarded, in high level play turtling is much more rewarding"

so basically you should never feel guilty for playing the game correctly. while your local seen might look down on turtling. the fighting game community as a whole would say you are doing exactly what your suppose to be doing.

I haven’t read all the responses here, so it might have already been said, but:

I play Gief. And I’m so goddamn glad everytime a Rog plays offensive. Zangief destroys an offensive Rog. So you gotta do what you gotta do, or else, you lose.

Don’t let yourself get confused by people calling something “lame”, “cheating” or, my favorite word, “cheap”. It’s not like you couldn’t beat defensive characters. And if you can’t, you have to practice.

Some matchups have to be played like that. Imagine a Seth rush down Zangief without “cheap” Sonic Booms or “cheap” stretchy arms. It would be a 9-1 matchup for Gief. If not 10-0.

See your goal, and act accordingly. If you want to train you rushdown game, rush. If it’s fun to you, rush. If you want to win, then do what you have to do.

Wow. Is this what you want to do Jelly? Badmouth your fellow countrymen on an international forum just because some of them don’t like your playstyle? Really?

All myself and some of the Singapore players said was that if you were going to play in such a manner, you should expect some people to get mad when all you do is jump back fierce. That you should understand that it’s not fun to play against, and that the fact that you would play like that in casual matches online where nothing is on the line is even more likely to piss people off. From what I hear when some of them respectfully ask you to not play so cheesy or do something different you send them snarky messages like, “Typical Singaporean.” and promptly delete them from your friends list. You expect people to like you after that?

Some people were only trying to help you by saying you shouldn’t take guides you read online as gospel and you should be experimenting by yourself and coming up with your own shit. Yet you take that as “don’t read the matchup thread.”

Blah. Whatever.

Valid points, wrong forum jellymomo. You’re experiences only reflect the opinions of a minority of Singaporeans, although that minority is somewhat vocal. I can’t believe we’re still having this discussion a year after the game’s been released and with many of our tournament winning players playing turtle-style!

Mods, on behalf of the Singapore fighting game community, please close this thread, thanks. =)

If you beat everyone, hold some local tourneys and win cash :slight_smile:


I use Cammy so I hate when people turtle. I kind of expect it its part of the game and its not going anywhere. So the best thing i can do is try to get around it if i cant i lose. Lol and theres nothing better then beating a turtle. Honestly your zangief your supposed to do that. Your not supposed to chase your opponent just to eat attacks. Like some are meant to rushdown others are meant to defend. When I get the lead from a zangief I just play keep away ad punish his mistakes. Tbh i cant see a good zangief not turtling its just part of his character. TURTLING IS SO ANNOYING but i could cry about it but that wont help. SO my only choice is to live with it. MY FRIENDS DO THE SAME THING. THEY ALWAYS TELL ME STOP USING THAT MOVE OR PICK SOMEONE ELSE ITS SO ANNOYING. Then i beat them with however else i pick and then it makes it worth it.

I agree with this one. :tup:

For the TS, you suckz big time! :tdown::tdown:

cheesy and cheap are not words to be associated with sf4. if they don’t like his playstyle they don’t have to play him. defensive play is typical with charge chars.


Unfortunately, I have never played against you before. However, I find it funny that you claim that “most Singaporeans” hate to play against your “turtling” style, since quite a number of our strongest players are famous and well respected exactly because of their strong defensive play.

But one look at your youtube videos and all I have to say this is:

Dude your standard of play is laughably low.

If you want to raise your standard of play you’re going to have to move waaay beyond this “Turtle/non-turtle” polemic and just play a lot more. Add me on PSN and I’ll play you if you want.

And I promise not to complain =)

if you are blocking you play this game wrong. never block. ever.