Is it wrong to eat meat?


I met this vegan person the other day and this person was telling me I was a murderer. I was eating a big mac in front of his face. “Don’t do it man, don’t eat that cow.” What I did was told this man to shut up, and then I spat on his face.

The way I see it is if no one eats that cow, then it’s life is a waste. What are your thoughts? Was I right to spit in this man’s face?


You weren’t right to spit in his face, but eating animals isn’t wrong either.

He’s a self-rightous douchebag is all.

If eating animals were wrong, then animals wouldn’t eat each other.


Don’t care whether it’s wrong or not, just gonna eat what I want.

Instead of spitting in his face, you should’ve just ignored him.


Or told him that plants and vegatables are living beings too.

And that there are living microorganisms in his blood/excess water in general.



^^^^^ That

Just another SF hippy trying to tell you that killing live plants is better than killing live animals.
Maybe if that person learned how to enjoy both meat and veggies equally then he wouldn’t such a cranky cunt.


You shouldn’t have spat in his face. You should have found out where he lives and stalked him until he dies of protein deficiency. When he does you should have a bag of Big Macs at the ready. So at the moment he dies you can laugh while eating the animal whose absence in his diet led to his death.

I treat vegans the same way I treat bronies and homosexuals. I don’t give a shit if you are one, but if you trying pushing your beliefs on me, we’ll have problems.


Should’ve forced him to eat meat.


Too bad for him he’s not allowed to eat your saliva!


That’s the crux of it right there. There’s no real defense to the vegan lifestyle other than being a hippie douchebag. That and it’s impossible to exist without negatively harming your environment. I always tell anyone who shoves their “green” lifestyle in my face (living in Oregon, I have to do this a lot) that if they really cared about that shit, they should kill themselves.



There was a time, before the Recently Active Threads section existed, where I was blissfully unaware of what went on in General Discussion… You know full well what kind of reaction you’re going to get posting that question on SRK, what’s the point of this thread and your, likely, made up story?


The question is: Is it wrong to SUCK meat?

If vegan female doesn’t eat meat but sucks her boyfriends meat, does that make her a hypocrite? A cannibal to some extent? These questions MUST be answered.


LMAO!!! You didn’t have to make up this fake ass story if you felt like talking about vegan stuff.

I think the whole thing is silly. Animals eat other animals naturally, we’re no exception, its just the way it is. And our body design has EVOLVED to expect meats in our diet to a degree. The reason modern man’s brain has developed to the degree it has, is from meats and rich fat consumption.

While in recent times with advances in technology, its possible for someone to go entirely vegetarian long term and be ok. As we have supplements than can be taken to make up for the lack of stuff they’re missing.

Rewind the clock back 200-300 years and that would not be true. Something trying to live that way would undoubtedly run into health complications.




Pro tip, kiddos:

You don’t kill most plants, to eat them.

They grow back.

Just sayin’.



We were not designed to eat meat.

Ergo it rots in our stomachs for three days.

Homo Sapien has pretty much the exact same brain capacity as Homo Erectus, pretty much making the distinction an incorrect one.


How would you like it if someone ate the hair off your head?


Most plants want animals to eat their fruit also. Was derived as a way of reproduction i believe. Animals eat the stuff then move to other locations and poop the seeds out, resulting in increased likelyhood of new plants of that type eventually growing in that area.

Fruit is nature’s candy, all that natural sugar. Made enticing for a reason.


If you couldn’t tell this was a troll thread after the spitting part you’re probably new to the internet.

On an unrelated note Prunes kick ass…see what I did there?


If meat eating is wrong, then I don’t want to know what’s right.

As I love chicken, beef, lamb, pork and duck.


Bad analogy.

We mostly eat their seed bearing parts.

I love it when my woman eats my seed bearing parts.

They come back pretty quickly.