Is it wrong to Main Dan?

I love Street Fighter, I really do, but I’ve come to realize that the only character I absolutely adore in this entire series is Dan Hibiki. Ken, Ryu, and Akuma are some favorites, but Dan is what keeps me coming back. So is it wrong to want to ‘always’ use Dan, rather than just play him as a joke?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: No. You can play whoever you like.


If you’re playing to win A LOT, yes. If not, nope!

Hold that shit, I got like an 80% win ratio.


There’re some awesome Dan players around the world, so no, it isn’t wrong :slight_smile:

Even terrible players are playing Dan, so no.
Even godlike players are playing Dan, so no.

Obfusciating Stupidity
Lethal Joke Character

If you’re playing seriously and want to win a lot and easily Dan isn’t the greatest choice. You’re like handicaped. And if you suck at the game on top of everything it just makes it even worse.

Only very good players can succeed with Dan at higher levels. So keep that in mind. You have to work hard every round to get your wins.

On the plus side, he is a fun and hilarious character so people maining him usually don’t even care about winning or losing. Cuz every match is just so damn funny with Dan. :slight_smile:

“Playing to win with Dan” is a rewarding experience, and you learn to appreciate the tools other characters have and learn a lot of a few nice fundamentals that you wouldn’t immediately require of other characters like proper application of wakeup pressure.

Dan’s also getting phat buffs come AE, so it’s not a bad investment. He has the best uppercut in the game, and his punish damage and footsies are going to level up in the update.

Master, please show the true power and take off that red velvet of yours!

I love you guys.
I really do.


Wonderful hitbox, and when it trades, it hits for full damage and gives you +100 damage for free, no meter required. That’s nuts. It’s definitely in the running for best.

Haven’t they given the SRK trade treatment to KRK in AE now?

I wouldn’t say he has the best uppercut in game, he has the best uppercut FADC in game though.

Until AE comes to console, AE isn’t out. D:<

Really? I heard they were going to nerf “fireball” characters and assumed he counted. Good stuff!

Is the Space Pope reptilian?

iirc its not that shotos getting nerfed its that rushdown ( fei/yun/yang) chars are just realy realy good and able to burn thru shoto firebealls easyer. well thats the impression i got from reading alot of threads

This is the exact reason why I play Dan!