Is James Howlett done in UMVC3?

Hey guys Im not new to Shoryuken and I really don’t post on any threads but this has been bugging me since the Marvel change log. As many of you know Wolverine lost the invincibility on his Beserker slash which will change the way Wolvie players play in Ultimate. IMO I think the nerf is uncalled for instead of taking away the invincibility you could of just decreased the speed and C’mon a Beserker Charge nerf? Ive been using Wolverine since MVC2(a game that I played casually) and the reason why is because I love the character, I like X-Men,and the fact that Wolverine is my favorite comic book character next to Batman. Now in UMVC3 there will be more playstyles based on zoning and keep away and stuff like that will make it harder for Wolvie to get in. In UMVC3 Wolvie will probably have more trouble getting in then ANY other character in the game. Hell you could now compare Wolvie to Zangief in terms of getting in. I may be exaggerating but all true Wolvie players should be thinking about this. Should Wolvie players stick with Wolverine in UMVC3 find a way to adjust or is James Howlett done in UMVC3?

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James Howlett? I thought his name was logan :frowning: ?

Logan is his code name.

I’m not going to recognize the existence of X-Men: Origins. Fuck this James Howlett shit.

I’m still going to rep my Doom/ Wolverine/ Akuma team. Even though they nerfed 2 of my characters they really buffed one. We are just going to have to adjust our strategy when trying to get in. Can’t say to much because I haven’t gotten my hands on the game yet. However, it is undoubtedly going to be harder to get the W with him. Especially, if the game favors keep away.

No he is not. He still hurts like balls and he still has a great mix-up game with beserker slash. /thread

I would not worry about it to much,expect changes to how you play with him but he still has a ton of tools and can move like a bullet.

Pretty much, and still moves like a bat on coke. Just going to have to utilize your assist(s) properly. Course, not to the point you’ll need to shape teams soley around him.

He is just alot less brainless than before…

Just to reiterate the above and some myths that have been fabricated, to character specifics.

Wolves speed has NOT been altered. Wolves b-slash loops still work 100%. That said, his dive kick hitbox has been trimmed but not tremendously as first assumed. Please do continue to enjoy your slightly more sophisticated, bat-devil in UMVC3 !

this guy still has the easiest and one of the most damaging bnb combos in the game. wolverine’s just going to need a good assist to cover him while he’s b.slashing in. i still say he’s viable in umvc3… i wouldn’t be surprised if he was still high tier.

Yeah today I mentally decided Im sticking with Wolvie in Ultimate and all of the new characters might take some heat off of him.

Ok, after finally messing around with mission mode the weekend and having some time to thoroughly experiment with James.I’ve noticed that they’ve added quite a bit of hit stun deterioration to Wolvs’ dive kick. The only thing that seemingly connects off a divekick right now is a (crouching or standing) L or M and must be done as quickly as possible, otherwise it will fail to connect altogether.

Anyone else ?

I am glad that you guys are sticking with wolverine. I decided to quit him as soon as I saw how easy he was gonna be in vanilla. I like his Machine gun claws because it’s the stupidest move ever and could actually be considered a nerf. Speaking as an outsider to Wolvie I think that he is in trouble as far as his overall game is considered he is going to lose his best friend at least Akuma can still absorb projectiles but no combo. Berserker slash is a abnormally average move now without the invincibilty. I think they were a little brutal to him. I was just starting to get around him it is a shame to see another problem that I have solved no longer become a problem.

PR Rog texted my boy. He said that Wolverine is still retarded and he is still playing him.

Wolverine is still high tier. Stop being free.

I don’t know about James Howlett, but Logan is just fine! :smiley:

I still don’t know why Capcom thought invincibility in berserker slash was a good idea. Did they really have to give Wolverine the best special move ever by throwing invincibility in it too?

He’ll still be good but not having one invincible tool to get through zone will hurt him. All other rush characters have at least one desperation invincible tool (usually a super) for getting in. It seems like Wolverine will be a lot more reliant on berserker charge now to buff his frames and speed to help him get in. Once he gets in he’ll be the same rape it’s just the grind to get in will definitely be work.

That’s why I like to put him second now. DHCing into him from a character who doesn’t have much trouble with zoning has been great so far. Also, you can DHC into berserker charge if you need to.

Does he still have his retarded fatal claw loop?