Is joe's double fireball the best projectile in the game?

it moves pretty fast,and mixing it up with the lp version is pretty good.

His double fireball is good on wake up opponents, from a full screen distance, where they cant jump on wake up and hit you. (Bison, Maki etc big jumpers) since it has bad recovery. You can bause it agains chang,zangief and raiden from a safe distance.

im pretty sure guile’s sonic boom is the best projectile in the game…

RUGAL’S KAISER WAVE!!! :tup: :rofl:

guile (lp) > rugal (lp) > joe (lp) > ryu (lp) > dhalsim (lp) > …

obviously rugal’s fireball isn’t as good overall, since ground fireballs are way too easy to avoid.

joe’s double is way too slow on the recovery, if you wanna talk about fireballs that are hard to jump over, kyosuke’s is top tier. up close todo and sakura’s fireballs own everyone.