Is jump gigas unsafe?

what are you talking about? you set up a deep jump in with a clap/ex lariat/corner/counterpoke.

as in you jump in and splash really late. they parry, you gigas on landing frame, you’re sayign someone is going to parry your splash then dash back and lowforward super you?

gigas is going to grab that dash back. but seriously who the fuck is going to parry your deep splash and dash back? that’s like 10x rarer than seeing someone parry a clap and jump afraid of a gigas.

wait i get it, you’re saying someone is going to dash back on your jump in attempt? then you’re obviously jumping too obviously, you should only jump in situations where the opponents default reaction is to block. In situations that your opponent is unfamiliar with. Even then, you can jump and parry and wait, then start a move before landing to fake and recover safely then down parry, or just do nothing. I’m not going to jump in and press a button unless i know it’s going to connect.

btw. that’s free too. parried clap = free parry attempt -> gigas.

yeah, and empty jump into max range gigas is pretty strong, trains your opponent to start doing shit like pressing buttons or dashing so you can hit them with max range roundhouse instead. Even if you jump into a range where teh opponent can only anti air with 1 or 2 options, it’s godlike fear.

Wondering how many gigas you are doing…since almost EVERY situation is a free gigas to you…well I am playing Yang most of the time so I really don’t have a problem with a jumping Hugo nor a ‘situation I am unfamiliar with’. Offensive Jump in (except your opponent is knocked down) with Hugo never is a good idea…if you are going for the late hits an early anti air will kill you…and they ALWAYS can escape your jump in by just ground cross you or moving back slightly…really it’s not that hard I always see Hugo’s jump ins coming I mean it’s Hugo after all and he hasn’t too much options.

A gigas breaker is never free. It can’t be hit confirmed or comboed.
The only time it can even be considered that, is if you pull it off right at the moment the opponent does an attack and your invincibility frame would take the hit for you or if they obviously whiff a move that is laggy. (The exception being certain moves like akuma’s f+mp for ex.)
So all you have is ticks, fake outs, purposely done whifss, buffers, parry options, and mind games.
Pretty much every strategy posted up here is good with hugo, but if you want to beat experienced players like the ones I face over here, you’re going to have to mix it up and learn your opponent.

Why hold down lp and keep holding it? Because after some practise WITHOUT holding LP i found my self to many times missing or jumping in a setup. Then i had the idea: why not press LP and hold it? And ques what it helped me especialy for the buffer it makes things easy for me. And yes its hard to do a s.LP while the opponent jumps in as a buffer for your Gigas Breaker. Make sure the opponent jumps from rather far away to you. (This is not the best setup but i use it for humiliating my opponent:smile:) This helped me a bit. Try to do your Gigas Breaker after the opponent misses his dragon punch (tempting them to do a anti air) or anti air prefer the HP anti air version of the opponent. Like that of Ken, Ryu, Akuma (watch out his recovery is fast even when he mis his dragon punch) Sean, Oro, Dudley this also applies to their super arts wich has a anti air move in it, and maybe Remy didnt confirmed it yet. And yes LK works great as a buffer for a missed anti air from the opponent. When you mastered this setup fairly good you have a better chance for the Gigas breaker when the opponent jumps in. Why all these set ups? Because people like to jump away when facing a hugo player. So you need other ways for doing your Gigas Breaker. Hugo players need EVERY OPPERTUNITY to do a Gigas Breaker. And yes some of the setups are not easy in the beginning. But you will get rewarded for your time and effort. Really the missed anti air is great for a Gigas breaker!

Ps: Did you guys know you can do a combo with 360 + p? Yes the cpu confirmed it as a 3 hit combo no joke! Jumping Mk/HP/HK, standing LP, 360+p. the timing is rather tight. Or is this useless? although the cpu counts it as a 3 hit combo, meaning you cant escape. Or am i wrong? the opponent (human) can escape after the second hit…? Its just an error from the cpu combo count?

maybe they were dizzy? the only time you can combo a grab is on back turned hit stun frames, which means either t+FP or s.FP that get’s cancelled by something weird like a perfectly spaced aegis and then comboing the grab on back turned opponent. think comboing grabs with alex, back turned or whiff. s.LP will never work cause it doesn’t induce back turned hit frames.

stop talking like a scrub. Almost and never and every are such garbage words for arguments. But I’m going to ignore it.

maybe it’s just the hugo players you play. but again i hardly ever jump. and i hardly ever gigas, my hugo is all defense and basics. there are really solid jump setups with hugo, i absolutely love the counter poke jump in.

if i know you’re going for a poke like low forward, i can bait it and jump on you. if you whiff low forward with yang, and hugo is coming down on top at like a 80 degree angle (as in almost straight on top of you) are you seriously going to backdash/dash to get out of the way? I haven’t even pressed a button yet, I’m just watching, I might fake jump attack and gigas you, I might splash. I might jump in mk. I might jump in parry and then go for a techit if I think you’re going to grab. I might jump in nothing and then down parry. This is not a frequent situation, and I can’t believe there’s no unfamiliar situation for you.

Everytime you play someone, every situation is constantly being sculpted. Every player handles each situation differently and each time you end up in that situation, they may do something different the next time based on what happened last time. When I counter hit you in the air with early j.splash because I know you’re going to jump away, that’s a brand new situation.

lastly, there is such a thing as a free gigas. there’s 100% punishes (blocked super, heavy moves that are blocked too close etc) and parries.

[quote=“Callmeanewb, post:25, topic:38651”]

maybe they were dizzy? the only time you can combo a grab is on back turned hit stun frames, which means either t+FP or s.FP that get’s cancelled by something weird like a perfectly spaced aegis and then comboing the grab on back turned opponent. think comboing grabs with alex, back turned or whiff. s.LP will never work cause it doesn’t induce back turned hit frames.

No the opponent wasnt stunned. I confirmed it its really a 3 hit combo,, s.LP(hold LP), 360+mp/hp and it counts as a 3 hit combo. I can say this i play on the ps2 version (practise mode) maybe that is the cause? Really you should try it your self and see if i am right. But the timing is odd and thight. Really this isnt a joke.

Il look if its effective against humans, and if it is wauw. But i think its not practical you can still jump away i think i mean 3 hit combo…that should mean you cant jump away… il tell u guys if its a succes.

I totally forgot to mention that, but anyway I stand corrected.

The advantage of deep body splash:

  1. a shitload of block/hit stun for furture pokes and buffer gigas

  2. beats low poke/throw attempts attempts

  3. Hard to parry

  4. If you do it late enough it’ll whiff completely and just gigas (if they pull back they’ll be in blocking motion, even if you don’t touch them)

video or it didn’t happen


So you want proof? Cheez why isnt my word enough…Ok il give you the video.
Bare in mind i never uploaded a video in this case, on youtube. When i am done il send the proof (video link) here in this topic. And once and for all showing you and others its possible to do a combo with 360+p (3 hit combo). Wheter the opponent can or cant jump away after the LP/LK is a nother case. Atleast the cpu says its a 3 hit confirm.

Well i tried it and tested it with a friend of mine. Well i did the 3 hit combo but there was a gatch on it. He couldnt believe it so am i. Of every 8 trys i could do a 3hit combo. But then he pointed me something out, wich i didnt payed attention to. The stun bar when ever the red bar reaches allmost to the end and i pressed my standing LP and then il do my 360 i could not see the stun stars meaning you should see stars meaning you are stunned, because i grabbed the opponent to fast to see the stars. And here u go a 3 hit combo. So there goes my dream of a 3 hit combo. So at the end your right Callmeanewb…

You just have to have that one word for SFIII:3S - UNEXPECTDEEED