Is Juri meant for rush-down?

I was watching this ranked match vid by this Japanese player called Ai Ai, and I must say he has the sickest and most offensive Juri I’ve seen so far. Yossan and Jyobin can’t even compare to this guy.

And this match against Daigo where Daigo got raped:

I always hear Juri has no tools for rush-down and meant to be played defensively, but watching this guy play Juri made me changed my thinking.

Could it be that Juri was meant for aggresive rush-down right from the start? Like Cammy and Chun Li?
Majority of people who try to zone with her are all doing it wrong?

Juri has a slow walkspeed.
Most of her ranged normals have slower start-up 5-6 frames
Those normals are also negative on block, but you can cancel.
Those cancels are also negative on block, except one, the fireball.
The fireball requires you to give up a button, usually lk, which is one of her few fast and safe normals. She also cant throw when holding one.
She doesnt get much off a counter hit.

Does this sound like a rush down character to you?
If you find yourself constantly getting rushed by Juri, then you probably dont know the frame data or match-up.

I didnt see rushdown in those videos. I saw amazing space control that led to Juri being in an advantages position(the corner).

Notice how most of the matches start with him taking a step back and waiting for a chance to store safely. He played for space control, and when he got it(like against that Akuma and Guy) he pushed his advantage, which any character can do, even Dhalsim.

He dashed forward after seeing Daigo whiff a, that’s smart ground game, that’s footsies.

You can make the case that FSE Juri is rushdown, but your are only in FSE for such a short time, and usually low on health.

She’s not great at rushdown. She IS great at corner pressure.

i would say the best way to describe Juri’s rushdown is it’s a very gimmicky rushdown meant for short bursts to push them into a corner, to take advantage and wiff punish from long range. It’s harder now that she builds almost no meter from fireball store anymore. To get meter to be all gimmicky you either have to be in range to chip them with fireball release or wiff lk pinwheels when you can. Unlike a true rushdown character you can’t apply nonstop pressure, you have to hit and run.