Is Justin Wong washed up like last nights dishes


Its hurts my heart to have to make this thread but I’m still in shock about Justin Wong’s piss poor performance at EVO this year. He didn’t even make top 8 in AE I had expected him to win the whole thing. As for Marvel there was a bit of controversy the bracket they put up had Justin facing Chris G BEFORE top 8, all of a sudden they changed the opponent and Jwong was able to easily make it to top 8 where he was soundly bodied by Chris G. Now if he had faced Chris G earlier like he was supposed to he would have been eliminated and not even made top 8 this year. . .gee I wonder what changed the tournament organizers mind$ . . .

Not sure if that controversy has been discussed here yet. Anyway Jwong looked terrible out there physically and gameplay wise is he done?


He didn’t perform at Evo, but let’s look at just about every Road To Evo event this year…

At the moment his Evo performance is an outlier, not a trend forecasting his demise


lmao this guy does the same troll every major.


Justin Wong is a human being, and Evo is one tournament of many.

Washed up? The dude is one of the best players in the world. Seriously I could fusion dance with seven of me and I’d stand no chance.


play him and find out!


Yes. A new champion rises. All hail our new king Sleepyface -_-


washed up muhfuckas like clackwerk, justin wong


look at who he lost to, not where he placed. results of a single tourney dont really tell you a great deal outside of 1st and 2nd place. he lost to hsien chang and fuudo who are both great players.


I don’t know… Last night’s dishes didn’t make about 10k in the tournaments leading up to evo, so you can’t really compare. I guess in that light, you’re a bit like last night’s dishes, aren’t you?


Fuudo is a fraud who used a broken character and is ass now that Fei is nerfed. As for Hsien his Yun was sloppy as fuck and he still managed to beat Jwong. It was pretty sad.

What do you guys this about the mysterious bracket changes in UMVC3 I mentioned? I mean wasn’t that weird that they just handed Jwong top 8? If there is already a thread discussing this controversy please link me to it.



adjusts tin foil hat


Oh my god the rhyming in this sentence


Match fixing if that is the truth. I know it happen in small local tourney bitch move right there.




No, he simply has too much knowledge on the game for anyone to really say that. He won’t be winning them all but he’s definitely going to stay in contention for the top spot for years to come.


Why? Were you romantically involved with him?



>Fuudo is a fraud
>wins VF5 at Evo

Yup, I got your number.


I love when people use the logic that not making it into the top 8/top3 means you’re washed up. I never knew that being in the top 16/top 8 was the worst thing that could ever happen.


I just went through this thread clicking like. none of the likes clicked were for the OP, wonder why? Is he washed up? That’s my theory. For that matter I think the only reason he’s the first poster in this thread is because Ca$h talk$.