Is K- Kim Bad?



For one of my teams, I use Kim/Maki/Joe(2) in K-groove, but after reading some things… is Kim any good in K? And any strats? What groove would be better suited for this team?

All help appreciated.


except KyoSUKe


Eric Lee always play K Kim. The only thing is that his guard crush meter gets fucked up so you better be able to JD that shit. But he’s too good when he’s raged. Nobody jumps in so you own them for free.


ah only good thing i can think that makes K groove kim good is when he is raged his pokeing games obviously gets better cuz of more gaurd stun. Plus he has the instant gaurd break when raged etc.


k-groove kim isn’t terrible, but you’re giving up on of the best rolls in the game, his rc’s can be helpful. if you can still maintain a high level footsie game with kim without the roll then it’s fine. this team would also be good in C, N, and i would say A but i have no idea how good maki and kim are in a-groove(joe’s pretty good in A)


Kim’s a great battery in A. i mean GRRRRRREAAAAAAAATTTT!