Is Kaillera dead?

I haven’t been on Kaillera in ages and thought I would check to see if it was still relevant and it appears many of the typical MAME/Kawaks servers in the US are empty. The Smash server seems to be alive and kicking though.

I play on there but its only a few Dedicated Servers on there in the US.

Who uses Kaillera? GGPO/Superacade exist for a reason. If you wanna do a team. You play Kaillera.

Things have been a bit quiet on Kaillera lately but there are still a few busy servers. SF2GuileX I recommend checking out West Wonderland (IP: on Friday and Saturday nights. They hold regular tournaments too, the last one being for SF2CE.

Kaillera whether on a server or p2p is still 100% relevant. People are far too quick to dismiss it and say use Supercade and GGPO instead. Those two sites are great for the small selection of games they support but with Kaillera there’s a vast number of arcade and console games you can play including games with 3+ players. Good luck playing Martial Masters, Daraku Tenshi, 4 player Shadow Over Mystara etc. at those other sites.

I still Play on Kaillera here & there. Hit me up anytime you guys wanna play.

Why would you want to waste time on Kaillera? Don’t you think it’s stupid when two characters jump at each other and don’t attack until they’re nearly grounded thanks to the heavy button lag?