Is kara-canceling a glitch or was it put into the game on purpose?


yes it was put in on purpose, since ken doesnt have a kara throw but ryu, akuma, and sean have good ones. also without a kara throw chun wouldnt be able to break through ppl’s defense and stop them from blocking low all day long against her.


i’m sure it was an accident. ken does have a kara throw. everyone has a kara throw. whether or not its good or bad (or even moves you backward) depends on the normal you cancel the throw from. the difference between characters’ kara throws has nothing to do with capcom’s intentions, since a kara throw is just cancelling the first few frames of a normal (preferably a normal that moves you forward a good distance in those first few frames) into a throw to gain “extra range” at the expense of a couple frames.

I think it was put in to on accident… allow leeway when pushing 2x buttons (ala throw, UOH, taunt) because it’d be pretty hard to consistently press both buttons at the same exact time.

Depends on how you look at it, Kara-throw (or any Kara crap) is the result of the engine allowing you to cancel normal moves into “special” moves in order to make doing them simpler. So, by changing the throw to a 2 button command they made it “special”. Was that the intent? I doubt it, but the cause was intentional, so like I said Depends on how you look at it.

ok whats urien’s, necro’s and ken’s kara throw smarty?

:bluu: they all have none for a reason. capcom knew about the canceling a normal into a special, thats why they accounted for and introduced chun as the new character in the game that lives off the ability of kara throws. its a system that was put in the game on purpose.

ibuki has the smallest throw range in the game, does she have ANY type of kara throw?


u know why? cus if she did she would be able to jab of doom u to death from even farther away WITH the option to throw. that would be GARBAGE.

its not a glitch, maybe it was in past street fighters but in 3s its a valid tool that capcom implemented in the game to further balance and strengthen throwing among the characters for the game.

Doug, all characters have Karathrows. Are some crap - yes. Was it planned - perhaps but I doubt it.

You guys are thinking to complex about this. Look outside the box.

The simple answer is if capcom didn’t put it in as a glitch then how come you never see the computer karathrowing? Surely fighting ChunLi on maximum difficulty she would karathrow if they intended her to have the ability. But she doesn’t.

Case closed, move on.

ken’s kara throw is forward kick :o

This explanation makes the most sense. They needed to add leeway for double button presses, and kara cancelling is probably a result of their laziness in allowing every button into the leeway as opposed to doing specific instances for each command only allowing the particular buttons.

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m00bs explanation is best, because it is exactly what happened. unless you can hit 2 buttons within like 1/30th of a second of eachother consistently you rely on this loophole as well, the game allows leeway of a few frames on 3s’ method of throwing so as to allow people to actually consistently hit jab and short to make a throw but they also like that other guy said, didnt exclude other buttons beside jab and short thus creating some of the wild kara throws that make you cry so hard :frowning: :lol:

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actually exodus is right, check it out for yourself

after c.short when ur opponent is in the corner u have to walk a pixel forward before u can grab, if u command grab with forward u grab him instantly!!!11 :o

You also see him move about a pixel or two!!!

of course! why would i be wrong? :cool:

Ken can kara with standing roundhouse too.
Not bad, but still behind the other shotos

does Kara Throw exist in other games with throws in 2 or more buttons? (sfa3, svc chaos, etc) or is it just in sf3?

Am I wrong when I saw that 12 has one of that farther ranged karathrows? I use s.strong and I think it has a nice range on it, which is especially important for 12 -_- or atleast the way I play him. 1/4-1/3 or more of my damage on opponents is throw damage…

Actually, I don’t think it was put intentionally in the game. When coders are coding, sometimes they forget to put checks at certain places, such as the throw. If you input say a -->MP, the code might not have an exclusive list of things you can do after. It might just have something to the following:


if(currentdisplay == MP && action.buttonPressed == COMMAND)

Something to that effect. If that made sense. THat would not check for throws and the coders might not have though about it because they were not thinking of the throw as a command. A way to figure this out is to dissassemble the Dreamcast Ryu command list method located in one of the files using a SH-4 dissassembler, then decompile the code. It can be done, but I would not recommend it as it is a pain and it is also not worth it since you can’t change the arcades or dreamcast versions of SF3 all around the world if you do fix the glitch. :slight_smile:

For what we use kara-canceling for, that idea I don’t think is intentional. Its just a side effect of Capcom developers giving leeway to players performing specials, throws, etc.

It exist in CVS since I can do kara-demons with Akuma. Also, don’t forget about Roll-Cancels which use the same method.

GGXX has similar techniques using input leeway, namely FDC option select throws and inputting charge moves as charge back, f~b+whatever. Nothing resembling kara throwing though, to my knowledge anyway.

Scratches head…

Ya’ll read the topic right? I think he’s talking about kara-cancelling in general, not just kara-throw.

And maybe I’m reading m00b’s post the wrong way or something but I’m hearing two contradictory statements. He says that it was put in on accident and that capcom was trying to add leeway when performing specials, etc. If they were trying to add leeway, then it was put in PURPOSELY, not accidentally.

I’m totally confused by this thread.