Is kara-canceling a glitch or was it put into the game on purpose?

Did you ever play Street Fighter 1?

sorry to go off topic a little bit, but I did. it sucked, seriously. Here is the thing in SF1, try and throw a fireball, or do a dragon punch or hurricane kick… its a bitch isnt it? Thats because the moves need to be exact or they will not work, and if you hit the button a fraction of a second too soon, doesnt come out.

this was one of the big complaints about SF1 so when SF2 came out capcom added more ‘leeway’ and made it so a normal move (like a low short) could be stopped if the movement for a hurricane kick was put in, to make it easier to do the moves.

The unintended result of this was the ability to combo ‘normal’ moves into ‘special’ moves, so the simple ability to combo was an accident caused by the same thing that caused kara-canceling, throwing, etc. the intent was to make moves easier to do the result is what we have, they didnt intend on kara-canceling. ok?

Can we stop this debate now? it is making my dick soft.

i know this is a different topic altogether, but is it so plausible that two-in-ones were unintentional? i can understand the need to create room for error and how this would result in normals being cancallable into specials; what i don’t understand is why only specific normals were cancellable. for example, Ryu can s/c.fierce xx hadoken but can’t s.roundhouse xx hadoken. it just seems like two-in-ones were intended on some level.

me too!!! i agree with this guy evryone knows that all this stuff was created by mistake so just drop your wacko theories allz!!!