Is Kara Throw really that essential for Ken?

I mean after a few throws wont the opponent be expecting them? I can pull off a kara throw pretty consistently, but after a few of them they rarely work anymore. Ken’s over-heads seem to be more effective against turtles. How many times do you guys use kara-throw in a match? Do you try to abuse it, or use it sparingly?

they stopped eating your throw? there’s only so many ways to avoid a throw. Predict his counter to your throw, then counter his counter; examples would be cr.MK or another jump-in (there are more ways).

Then go back to kara-throws once he starts blocking again.

Mix it in when you think they least expect it.

And yes, it’s essential. IMO, anyway.

Short answer, yes. Long answer, fuck yes.

And if they’re expecting them, welp, you’re not doing it right. Make it only one jab before you grab. Or make it 3. Or just don’t grab. Always keep it fresh, never do the same thing twice, unless you’re trying to bait them.

Also, doing Kara throw on THEIR wake up is damned sexy.

let me elaborate a little more. fuckin fuck yes.
its the best throw in the game. abuse that shit and make your opponent hate ken.
kara throw leads to untechable knockdown and untechable knockdown leads to safe jumps, meaties, cross jumps, cross tatsus, and whatever else you want to do to his mom.

If your getting predictable and not mixing up, then you’ll get a tech, dont just go for throws. Do for example: c.jab, c. jab, karak throw. Instead of finishing with the typical tatsu combo. keep 'em guessing

Just try different things


I think what everyone’s trying to say is that it’s not so much your ability to kara-throw, but how you’re doing it. If you’re using the same setup then of course they’ll adapt, but that goes for any move. What’s great about the kara-throw is that there are multiple ways to set it up. Abuse it so that they start trying to tech it, once they adapt to that start using ur bnbs, once they go back to blocking go back to kara-throwing. Make them guess. You want to be proactive and make them reactive. Hope that helps.

Now that I’ve found a kara thread I have a question for you all.
What frame startup does Kens kara-throw have? It can’t be 3 frames like a regular throw?

It is essential for a couple reasons. Throw is a good way to set up ambiguous cross ups. Another good reason to why is it keeps them thinking I always have to tech, in which meaning you can delay your next attack and do walk up jabs to pressure and etc. Ideally what you want to do is make them press so many buttons so you can DP FADC ULTRA fray O.o thats what I ideally wanna get short jab combos or random counter hit DP’s imo.

4f-5f. Only frame 1 and frame 2 of f+mk can be canceled so add that on to 3f for the throw.

Whoa~ wassup Juice? Cool to see you posting in the Ken Forums.

He basically covered it. Use Frame Traps to punish Crouch Tech. When your opponent starts Turtling, Tick Throw and Kara Throw. The best thing about Throw is that it takes priority over normals. For example, if you opponent does a 3-frame Jab and you do a Throw (3-frames) at the same time it’ll grab his Jab.

Kara Throw as a Frame Trap is REALLY good.

I thought you can cancel the 1st~3rd frame of F+MK?

If this is the case then a Kara-throw is all from 4-6 frames? How precise do you have to be as you techthrow? Can this alternating frame startup in the kara-throw be used to trick people or is it a too little space we´re talking about? If I should believe Ed Ma´s reasoning about frames in the street fighter 4 series all the numbers are doubled as well.

That’s what I thought. You have 10 frame window to Tech Throws. 1-3 frame window can definitely be used to trick people.

Crouch tech, cr.lp, throw mashing.

After reading most of the replies to this thread I figured one of my questions, though slightly answered would fit well here.

 Something that is difficult to fight online (probably due to latency) is crouch tech mashing, and players that instinctively throw on crossups / wakeup. For me, this is hard to fight against and yet almost every single player that isn?t checkmate (shoutouts!) seems to do it. If I follow the crowd and perform a throw knowing my opponent is going to throw me, it gets neither of us anywhere. On the other hand, if I attempt to attack and am slightly off with my timing, I get thrown. The only other alternative that seems to occasionally work is to lp SRK and hit their short/jab. The problem there is that I used to do that and I was criticized for doing too many Shoryukens seeing as if it?s blocked I?m left open. I believe I?ve finally figured out a way to combat those kinds of players, but before I hit the training room, does anyone have a viable technique for getting around that kind of play style?

I think you are doing the right thing here. If they are crouchtech mashing you should find a way to punish that mash. A thing I have tested myself wich you can incorporate is punishing their crouchtech short with a kara-throw. It can be a little tricky but I can guarantee you that they are just sitting there and waiting for that kara-throw, buts thats when you are waiting for that crouchtech and as soon as you see it you kara-throw. If he mashes crouchtech your throw wins over his short (should at least). If he’s daigo…he wont mash crouchtech.


I agree. When I look at inputs for skilled players, they don’t mash. Those players are generally good at anticipating when someone might throw. I’ll work on what you mentioned.

Maybe? I’m not really sure I remember people saying in the SF4 days that it was 2f. It might be 3f though, it doesn’t say in the frame Wiki so I’m not sure.

Or maybe I’m just completely wrong?


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