Is Kara Throw really that essential for Ken?

hellz yeah!

i play ken on a pad and its not exactly easy to kara throw friendly…

My bro plays Ken on pad and can pull a kara throw 100% of the time.

no, it’s not essential.
yes, if you want to be a good ken player.

I too play on a pad, not that I’m saying it’s hard, it’s possible… use Thunder kick instead of Step kick, it’s 60 times easier and just as effective

-repeats what everyone already said- Yes Imo its a big part of Ken’s game. Its all about mindgames and mixups, don’t do a kara throw after the same combo, or same moments. Than again I use a xbox controller so my execution isn’t 100% :

Instead of using HK, which I think is a half square less range than Mk. I changed my throw button to A (light kick) I rarely use a standing light kick anyways, and you can still crouch light kick. So I just A+B -Lk/Throw + Mk- which is pretty easy.

I position my thumb it’s over the mk button and the tip is over the throw buttons to kara throw on a 360 controller.

Bryanv2 are you the same Bryanv2 that plays on xbox live that uses Seth? Some guy has that exact same name and I keep thinking theres someone with that name on the ken forums. Just wondering.

If people are teching your kara throws you can either do or f.srk to get a ch srk > fadc > full ultra.

I believe Kara throw is essential for stepping up your Ken game. I abuse it some matches especially after block strings. It’s such a WIN move.

just started using kara, th casual players dont see it