Is Kaytrim Customs a reputable seller?

Has anyone has ordered from Kaytrim Customs and did the transaction go smoothly?
I sent him a payment of 240$ in december 2009 for a custom case and i have yet to receive it so i’m kinda concerned i might never get it. Every time i emailed him about the order status he told me he was either having personal problems or that he couldnt get dye finish right. This went on from January until may. I have no heard from him since then and all my emails have gone unanswered…:shake:

He was a good seller at one time. The small amount of feedback I could find under the old system was positive.

I purchased from him last year and even though I wasnt very happy with the product I recieved, the transaction and shipping process all went smoothly.

I can vouch about the personal problems but yeah I also had issues as a stick he made for me stopped working and I sent it back to him in Feb and I never got it back until May. I can at least say you’re not out of a stick, you’ll either get a refund or the stick I’m sure but can’t say when :rofl:

so 6 months and no stick aye.
yaa hes legit
cause legit is 6months right?
herp derp

Here’s his blog (well it seems to be):

Might be able to get your money back, idk.