Is Killer Instinct the most complex 2D fighting game


not just 2d, but is it the most complex fighting game/series period…

how does it compare to say street fighter, guilty gear in terms of mechanics, complexity


It has a lot of rules, sure, but many of them end up removing depth instead of adding it.

For example, in Guilty Gear the distance between you and the opponent determines your combo options. In KI it doesn’t because of how the combo system works- Your character automatically advances forward so hitting at point blank and max range gives you a similar result.


Complexity isn’t depth.


Not sure if troll or fan of “wall candy”…






The thing I dont like about it is that the linkers and different moves have different sounds, so thats your cue to break their combo…so then deaf people cant play the game correctly and get deep into the deeper levels of it. Is there a way to maybe have different colors or shading when different moves are being done which can be broken if people are hearing impaired?


Dude seriously stop making threads. These kind of question can be asked in Fighting game lounge. I’m trying to help you not make the mistakes I did.