Is KOF XII online that bad?


Is the online as broken as everyone says?


yo there is a whole kof subforum now


Yes, it is. You think everyone’s joking or something?




I haven’t played it yet, stuck out in puerto rico. Was planning on picking up both ps3 and 360 versions. Don’t know if this helps but I read that you should for now host 1 vs 1 rooms with no spectators.


Shit is spam.


its a lag cheesers paradise, its horrible


As much as I love the game, yeah the online is weak. :confused:


This thread is still spam.

That said, the netcode is being fixed as we speak:


It literally plays online at like 5-20 frames per second, and the speed of the game often changes mid game. Missed inputs, can’t learn any thing about timing in this game.