Is Kyodai-Ken Canon?

The ninja on the Batman TAS. The guy who was Bruce Wayne’s rival in Japan. Was he actually in the comic book? He was a very tight character as he was one of the few people to make Batman’s alter-ego doubt himself. Plus, he could almost equal Batman in martial arts skills. Which is very rare because Batman has those hands for your ass.:rofl:

He is a T.V. only character, but there are a few characters throughout the history of the comics that seem to be his equivalent. Lady Shiva, for example.

aww that sucks. He was so raw.

Lady Shiva is better than batman at fighting. so is Green Arrow (the younger one, connor), and batgirl.

Of course, it all depends on the wishes and desires of who is writing the particular comic, but there are characters who are superior to batman at kung-fu

Connor is better than Bats? Explain that, I always thought Bats was tops, only passed by Cassandra and Shiva (Among a few others I’m to lazy to look for).

Prometheus as well kicked his ass, though you could debate his use of the discs. Though he does have prior training.

i don’t think he’s better but near on par…sounds like bats is better cuz he has survived battles with shiva and not been knocked out silly

i wanna get some of the martial arts stuff in trades though…sounds dope. connor has been around for a min.

Prometheus already defeated Lady Shiva

what about karate kid :smiley: