Is Lag Equal? Low # of G1 players?


So I was just playing a G1 match (just got in G1) and after winning the first round the guy disconnects. I thought it was just the servers being wack so I rejoined right away and he removes me. Now, obviously I assumed the guy was just a 48000 GP scrub but he says that the game was laggy for him but it was perfect for me. Then he starts talking smack which led me to believe that he was just lying and was extremely sore.

Now my question is: is lag is equal? I thought that generally both players experience slow downs. Especially in fighting games. In games with multiple users each may see something a couple milliseconds before other and the issue is much more complex. But what about in SF4?

Another thing, how come I can’t find G1 players often? Ever since I got G1-E, it seems that I can’t find many players whether I host or look for games. Why is that?

Another thing with this whole G1 thing, why do people care so much about GP? I mean at this point GP doesn’t mean much since playing Championship mode for a long is a large factor as well, not simply your skill. I play to try and practice match ups and find good players who main certain characters with whom I can practice with, especially since I’ve been in G1.

IDK. Thoughts anyone? I just signed up so I’ll update my sig with PSN information in a second.


I have had lag when my opponent had none.


lag here as well, their dc would be at 1 or 2% but it would still dc during the match, didnt seem like a rq though.


its really annoying I smack my arcade stick mad crazy when that happens.


i get lots of lag when im downloading or someone in the house is surfing the net. you can just plug the ps3 in or dont have anything else running or downloading while playing. you also have to remember that the visual lag is cool compared to the input lag thats annoying as hell


sometimes dem motha fuckaz be using dat lag zwitch too