Is linking supposed to be such a nightmare?

*Question: Is linking supposed to be such a nightmare? *

Is linking supposed to feel this super hard? It is making the game almost unplayable for me.
Why? Because several sessions of trying (up to 30 minutes) I can’t link, no matter how fast or slow I go. That is not fun, and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I pretty much just put down playing SF4 because I couldn’t link if a gun was put to my head. Games like Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, I can play easily. I am not especially skilled, but I don’t feel like I have to FIGHT the game itself just to get my character to pull a simple combo. Now I’m renting SFxT and running into the same nightmare, where banging my head against a wall seems less painful. I’ve also been told that “If opponent blocks, you went too slow. If you attack doesn’t even come out, you went too fast”…this gives a general idea but still its like being lost in a maze and somebody telling you which direction north is, helps a little but not significantly.

What I was trying to do was Poison’s mission #08 in SFxT which was

  1. Standing M. Punch
  2. Crouching L. Punch
    …after a long long period of trying and asking others for help, I finally got it. Personally I feel like it was way too hard for such a simple task, but I think I got the general idea. You gotta wait until the first move completely finishes its animation before you are given a short window of opportunity to then perform the second move in. After I did this once, I repeated trying it like 6 more times just to make sure I get it down.

Then I attempt Poison’s mission #10 in SFxT, which was a bit more complicated but I only have one part that gives me trouble, this set of moves

  1. Standing H.Punch
  2. Quarter Circle Back + any Punch

…that’s it.
After a half hour of frustrating failed attempts, I finally gave up and did something else with my time. If linking was walking, I’d be tripping every single step.

I get the feeling that these games are trying to be fun and enjoyable, with pick up and play elements even for beginners yet having a deeper richer gameplay for experts…but it feels like this** basic** concept of linking requires a super evil hardcore nerd-rage inducing level of skill requreirement just to pull off. I wouldn’t even recommend SFxT or SF4 to anybody because they have such frustrating experiences for me, but I absolutely love the characters so I do want to get better, but I just end up getting frustrated at every trainging attempt.

Maybe I’ll get it one day, but my question still remains

***Is linking supposed to feel this super increadibly hard? ***
Thank you for any honest responses.

Yep, linking is something that takes time to learn. Trial 10 for Poison is a cancel, not a link.

I think a lot of factors go into whether someone is good at linking or not. I’ve been playing music for a long time and I know a bunch of other top players play musical instruments too and I think that kind of thing is a factor in being able to link and time things correctly.

Besides that, it’s just a lot of practice. Linking for the first time is hard because one frame links that require precision to 1/60th of a second seem impossible. But if you keep practicing, links get easier. You should check out plinking. I’m not going to explain it in this post, but look it up. That’s one of the biggest ways you can improve your execution.

Linking is that difficult by design. People who’ve been linking attacks for a long time have it down because they’ve been doing it for a LONG TIME.

I leave you to form your own opinions about why Capcom is trying to make these games “beginner friendly” but include this mechanic as such a core mechanism.

I think of it as some sort of hand version of Dance Dance Revolution, where there is always rhythmn to how you input the moves. Fighting games have the highest learning curve, next to RTS games, for a reason.

Links can be hard to learn, depending on how strict the timing is, but it’s not impossible. The linking system in this game is already easier than most games, so be thankful for that, along with the fact that you’re able to plink the combos now.

You just need to practice it, that’s all.

It’s the same as learning how to do a quarter circle + punch, really. The process of learning how to do it is largely the same. It takes some practice and a good attitude, with some time, of course. You’re exploring a character.

I REALLY have to question the design decision of making links so integral to this game as, like said, it was supposed to be noob friendly. Yeah chain combos are easy, but they’re worse in almost every aspect compared to link combos, except to get a char out. And if you can’t do link combos you’re stuck switching chars in and out to get dmg which kills the red life. ANNOYING CAPCOM! Also the links into target combos which makes for awkward timing going in and out. OY.

Anyway, yeah links in this game are a bit awkward to pull off, but because of the chain system I guess they don’t tend to be that tight. Just really really awkward due to, in my mind, the aggrevatizingly slow recovery of things in order to cover for being able to chain things[is he isn’t he? asks the game with drool rolling down its face]. It took me about a day to figure it out [but now I got some SICKKKkk combos with Julia which I admit are a joy to pull off] but I’ve played SF4 pretty religiously since day one, so stick too it or don’t - wouldn’t blame you either way.

Practice, practice, practice. Just like anything you need to spend time doing it repeatedly (and correctly!) to perfect it. Once you get it down, it’ll be a breeze.

Also links aren’t necessarily essential in SFxT. They can lead to easier hit confirms, but there are also a bunch of characters that don’t really need links to hit confirm off of (pretty much all the Tekken characters, except a few). They’re helpful if you can do them, and they lead to bigger damage, but you don’t need them to win. If your footsies are better than the other persons, taking 30% off a chain combo per hit is good enough.

this post highlights one of the big problems that i have with modern gamers. anything that can’t be done in 5 minutes seems to be considered impossible and unworthy of effort. sf4 is probably the easiest sf game ever(maybe second easiest if gem fighter counts) and amazingly some still complain that certain elements are “too difficult”. linking is not supposed to be easy. in fact linking happens to be one of the few things in sf4(and sfxt really) that isn’t brain dead easy. you can still enjoy the game by executing jump roundhouse into sweep and basic combos but if you want real damage then you will have to do a little work and practice. please don’t think i’m bashing you or anything i just hate when i see people complain about the one challenging aspect of a rather easy game aimed at players who have little to no experience with fighting games.

If it bothers you, you need to find out what characters don’t rely heavily on link combos for bread and butter punishes. I used to play Able and only could at best get 30% accuracy on the step kick fierce, so I just dropped him for a character that didn’t require that good execution.

Go play Kof 13 before complaining about tough execution in SF4.

crying about sf4 “links”


Could it be your monitor/ TV ?

I played SF4 recently on a CRT monitor and links were so easy on it that its made me re-evaluate my next monitor purchase (but I do prefer the overall picture quality on my LCD).

It’s meant to be pretty difficult.

I played Street Fighter IV since it’s vanilla release. I just mastered 1-frame linking on a pad upon the release of AE. While it takes time, it’s worth it because now linking with Poison in SFxT is a cakewalk.

Dude, you got it a little wrong here. So you tell me there were two situations:
Poison’s trial 08 and trial 10, right?

Trial 08 is indeed a link, you must hit the second attack after the first one finished its animation. The difficult depends on how long do you wait to wait to press the next attack and how big is the window the hitstun give you to do it. Depending on the window they’re easier or harder, 1 frame links being the hardest possible links.

You took a few tries and finished it, cool, that’s usually how it works with simple just “link it” trials.

So you can have a feel for them, here’s a list of links from the top of my head that decrease in the link window.

Guy: Close HK, Standing LP (4 frames)
This is an easy link that allows you to go into Bushin Chain (lp/mp/hp/hk). Try doing this a few times, once you get the hang, try to do it 10 in a row.

Abel or Seth: Crouching LP, Standing HP (3 frames, IIRC not sure on this one)
Just don’t waste time from the transition between crouching and standing, just let go of the direction and you’ll have your 3 frame window.

Ryu: Crouching MP, Crouching MP (2 frames)
Nothing tricky, just the window is getting smaller and your input needs to be more precise, 2 frame links are way easier to do them consistently than 1 framers.

Ryu: Crouching MP, Crouching HK (1 frame)
This is a 1 frame link, can’t get tougher than this, however, transitioning from different speed attacks can be easier than the others.

Ryu or Sakura: (Far) Standing LP, Crouching HK (1 frame)
For some people this feels easier cuz the LP feels faster overall so the timing might be better, the opposite would be something like:

Evil Ryu: MK Ryusoukyaku (Overhead Kick), Crouching MP (1 frame)
This is a 1 frame link with a very long wait between the two moves, that sometimes throws people off their rhythm.

Trial 10 is actually a cancel.

If you’re trying to link it (meaning, waiting for the full animation of the Standing HP before doing qcb+P) you’ll NEVER hit it.

Just like Ryu’s Crouching MK xx Hadouken, you’ll do (Close) Standing HP xx QCB+P with Poison. (Just for curiosity: , = link xx = cancels)

You need to do both moves almost at the same time, as you need to cancel the animation of the Standing HP into the first hit of Poison’s rekka. Do Standing HP and immediately QCB + P, don’t wait for the HP to finish, do it at once.

u spent all of 30 minutes? that’s nothing. take some time to really sit down and practice the links, and I mean real time and it will get easier. no one was good at links just like that.

Some links are hard. Some are easy.

Links in general are far easier in SFxTekken than SF4. Ryu’s is a 4 frame link. is a 3 frame. There are still one frame links, but you don’t need most of them.

Links give you more time to hit-confirm. When you hit-confirm, you get to do interesting things when they block. Like pressure.

Strangely I find KOF XIII execution easier than SF4 links.

I mean, I’ll take K’s

J.C S.C F.A HDC S.C F.A [DP.A DC QCB.D QCB.D] x 3 DP.A QCFHCB.A xx HCBHCB.AC anyday over Guile’s C.LP C.LP link C.MP anyday.

What makes KOF’s execution difficult is the fact there are more motions involved in creating a combo(QCF’s into QCB’s into HCF’s) than any game I’ve ever played and I’ve played a great deal of them. Linking is probably the easiest thing to do in KOF but still requires a certain rhythm. I can agree that Linking in SF4 and SFXT is by far some of the most frustrating shit I’ve ever had to deal with. I’ve noticed that linking seems to be designed for plinking. I’ve recently converted to a joystick and if I can master plinking I know I would have a much easier time.

thats not a link. thats a cancel. just do the two in quick succession.