Is LizardLick

Still an alright place to order parts from? I’m not exactly “in the know” about these things, and all the Japanese and European sites I’ve been to seem sketchy to me. LizardLick looks alright, but I remember hearing something about it being unreliable or going out of business or something. If this is true, can somebody direct me to a decent online store that has close to the same things as LizardLick and has it’s prices in USD? It would be much appreciated.

LizardLick is a great site to order, if they have them in stock.

LizardLick is fine, people just whine and moan when their parts don’t arrive right away, even though the site clearly states what orders they are working on.

^ What he said, don’t order from LL if you need the parts next week. If you don’t mind the wait time 3-4 weeks, then order away!

I’ve bought from them twice this year, spend nearly $300. I was pleased with them.

Alright, great. I’m definitely in no rush. Thanks for the quick responses. I appreciate it.

You’ll get your stuff slower than but you’ll also be paying less.

I always choose lizlick since they’re reliable, cheapest and although they aren’t quick on delivery, it’s not too bad since I’m usually not in a rush to get things in or anything.

^ all the above before SF4 came out you would get the parts pretty fast

+++++LL is the great!

to echo what others have said, LL and the lizard lick staff is great. their shipping service was LIGHTNING fast prior to sf4 release, but of course, since then their shipping has slowed down.
however, this is totally understandable. if you want a cheap price and dont mind waiting a month+, give chad your order. is also really good, I ordered 8 buttons from them and received them 3 days later. Both are good companies though.