Is madcatz the best fightpad out there for sf4 pc?


i apologize in advance for the redundant thread, but i checked the official stick/pad thread and its mostly about sticks. i cant use a stick because i mainly play late at night and it will wake up my roommates.

anyway i bought a bundle pack of sf4 with a madcatz pad from and the only complaint i have is that the dpad was a little big for my thumb because i cant get combos out as easily as i used to in 3s on the dreamcast. ive seen some talk about a sega pad, but it seems like thats no longer available anywhere. so is madcatz the best option out there?


Actually my personnal preference goes to logitech their Dpads are excellent.

and if you don’t care about those 2 analog sticks you can get one of these dpads on their cheapest product for around 15$.


A USB Sega Saturn pad (from eBay) would give you the same results, and probably be more reliable (I’ve heard reports of Mad Catz FightPads dying within a couple of months).


Most of the Saturn pads out there are cheap knockoffs that won’t last more than a few months either.
I’m sure someone on these forums can recommend a seller that has the genuine article, though.


I’ve got a Madcatz Fightpad too and I’ve had mine for several months (about 5/6) and it hasn’t died (touch wood).

Another pad to consider is the PDP MvC3 Fighting Pad, from early reports it looks promising. Onehandedterror had a hand in developing it too (no pun intended).


Absolute trash. I bought mine the day sf4 pc came out and in total since then I’ve used it for maybe 15 hours.
The d-pad is waaay too big to do shit. I actually prefer smaller d pads.


I got my Sega pad from litianedup_wifi, recommended from the pad thread. I doubt it’s genuine but, the one I bought from summer is still working. I’ve haven’t tried the madcatz pad because, of the price and how the pad breaks off after a few months from what I read. I guess it depends how lucky you are - you either get a defected one or a well made one.


Saturn usb pad FTW!