Is marvel the only game without time restrictions?

always wondered this, i think it’s the only fighter i can remember that doesn’t have any time restrictions on character selection or turbo/non turbo selection. Why is that??

because theres 56 characters and capcom isn’t shiesty about their times like SNK is.

I believe there is a time limit, but it’s really long. I think I sat at the select screen taking a cell phone call and after a minute or two it selected characters for me.

There is a time limit. It’s just really long.

There IS a time limit. Its just a bit longer than most, but like ShadedWolf said, leave it there long enough and it will quickly choose everything for you.

Its about 2 minutes i’d guess.

only arcade marvel has time restriction for character select, and yea its like 2 minutes or so. DC theres no time limit.

The arcade has a restriction and the dc doesn’t, as tonage said.

yea, you definitely don’t want to lose to some butt hurt guy at the arcade who would come back put tokens in and just sit there for 49508340895 minutes to interrupt your game play. i can see it now “PICK YOUR CHARACTERS SCRUB”… “STOP RUSHING MEEEE!!!.. ring ring hold on while i take this phone call”

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