Is Marvel Vs. Capcom 2(Japan PS2 Version)Based On The Dreamcast Version?


The Reason I Ask This Question Is Because I Remember Playing Marvel Vs.Capcom 2(The U.S Version)And Ill Play As Magneto And Ill Do The Rom Infinite On A Smaller Character Like Cable And I Noticed How As I Did It,His Body Goes Higher And Higher,And I Cant Do The Rom Anymore,But When I Do The Rom On A Smaller Character Like Cable On The PS2 Japanese Version,It Feels Like Im Doing It On The Dreamcast?Any Help On Why This Happened,Is It Because Capcom Removed Most The Glitches I The U.S Version Of Marvel 2?Help Please? Thanx To All That Tried Helping With This Forum.


Just don’t play the US ps2 version. It’s terribad. Bright side is it is fairly rare as ps2 titles go and probably sells for more than a dreamcast + dc copy does combined. Or if you have a ps3 or 360 console… just shell out the 10 bucks.


I Stopped Playing The US Version Of MvC2,Thats Why I Softmodded My Ps2 3years Back,And Started Playing The Japan Version Because I Saw That Difference In Magneto,And Slight Differences In Many Other Characters Also.The US MvC2 Is Shit,I Remember A Forum On This Site With Some People Talking About T.Bonne Lunch Rush In Battle,And Most People While Playing In
Battle Would Only Get 31Hits Instead Of 41,But When I Played The MvC2 JP Version With Her And Did Lunch Rush It Was 41 Everytime. But Thanx.


I have a copy of MvC2 on PS2 and never had a problem doing the ROM on it. I just know the sound effects on there are different too.


bman409 are yu talking about the japan version?,because i have both u.s. and japan version,and play the japan more than u.s.


Both versions.