Is Mas still around?

I thought I’d pick up a stick or two but when I visited their site I found nothing. I also tried to call their old number but it has been disconnected. Are they still in business?

there probably hiding…

its evo season…

to many ppl ordering stick

they proly got flooded

I don’t think they’d want to lose their domain name. If they were swamped and wanting to stay in business, I think they would just post something on their site; that would be the polite thing to do anyways. But maybe they understand they have 30 days to renew.

Hmmm, I hope this is not gonna be SlikStik all over again. It does not feel good when you consider how unreliable they’ve been in recent times. Anybody waiting on an order?

Darth you might want to check out They’re service is phenominal and they use real pad pcbs and not that gay ass pcb they use. Plus you’re not going to be waiting 6 months to get the sticks.

thanks for the info. i need a stick asap :slight_smile: