Is massystem sticks obsolete?

Hey I am about to get a new stick but I really don’t know what should I do? I have a 3 massystem sticks 1 with a 360 in it and 2 competition. I have read a lot about hori/swana sticks but I am trying to figure out is it just a trend thing to get these sticks or do they have something special about them? If it is about the usb boards I can buy one of them for cheap and wire it in. Or is is really something about the actually joystick? Meaning is there a really big difference in percision between a 360 and a hori stick? I ask this because i really don’t want my stick that I have invested so much in to go to waste, we have battled too many night together.

Are you speaking about a HAPP parts based stick? I believe you are as you mentioned the 360 and competition sticks which are HAPP related.

Most people prefer these “new” sticks because they use Sanwa parts, which are much more sensitive and responsive compared to American (HAPP) parts. The buttons/joystick them self are what make the difference.

they aren’t really even new, just new to the states.

they’re just alot more sensitive and are not as hard to use for many folks.

however some folks still prefer the heavy feel and tactile feel of happ parts. nothing like mashing out a combo in marvel or cvs2 with a big ole happ/iL stick…

john choi still uses his massytems

if you like your mass, consider having it modded instead of getting a new stick. if you think you might like something that is a little lighter on the hands go for the sanwa stuff. you can always mod the stick to have a heavier feel, and buy buttons with heavy-duty micro switches to get a more rugged feel out of them

It’s more of a preference thing. I also grew up in American arcades with Happ joysticks and buttons. I only switched within the last few years starting with the Virtua Stick High Grade. I can tell you that it was quite a steep learning curve getting used to the sensitivity of a Sanwa. I can still play with either, but I much prefer the Sanwa balltop.

preference. if you grew up in the United States when there was an arcade scene you most likely played on mahines with HAPP parts. nothing wrong with Sanwa/Seimitsu.

Its a trend.

My experience was that I was used to Happ parts, but when It came to Virtua Fighter, with a square gate i was able to execute tapping :df::df: more consistently. With a Happ Stick tapping diagonals would look like this: :d::df::d::df: due to not having a square gate. Since I played Akira this was especially a big deal because one of his counters that juggles is :df::df: :p: and a lot of moves require quickly and cleanly tapping a :df: motion.

To quickly answer your question not they aren’t obsolete, but if you plan on playing Virtua Fighter serious these may not be the optimal stick as a lot of the moves require clean tapping of diagonals and has no tolerance for execution errors. For other games though they should be fine.

Preference, preference, preference. No one can tell you if something is more precise if one setup works for you and the other doesn’t.

Preference. I used to be strictly happ but I love the responsiveness of sanwa and the fact that I can build smaller cases.

It’s all about preference my man. Hell I prefer certain layouts and certain stick/button combinations with certain games. :slight_smile: I say at least try it, you might not like the Japanese style. I will go on record and say - " I HATE SANWA BUTTONS" I can fucking sneeze and they’ll get pushed. Seimitsu are REALLY nice though. :slight_smile: If I’m playing marvel, HAPP over Japanese parts anyday. But SF2? Dude I grew up in the arcades playing on american parts but you know what…It’s really hard to go back. (And I tried the other day) Guiles super on SSF2T is harder to do on a HAPP stick, but fuck my life if I can consistantly QCF+3P on a square gate.

For me, 360 chars = Happ stick.

The rest, I use Japanese. I love the Happ buttons though.

Oh forgot about that. I have both a Happ and a few Japanese Sticks and Motions like Guiles Ultra are way easier to pull off on a square gate, and charge characters in general play better with a square gate.

Thanks I guess I am just going to mod my mass stick then because I played on a jap stick and I was wondering was it worth getting use to because when I first started playing marvel for real I didn’t like 360 because it was heavy to me but now that I am use to it I really don’t like flimpsy sticks. Since it is just preference I guess I can save about 50 to 100 bucks but before this thread is closed is there a difference between a massystem actual joystick(360) versus happ or sanwa besides the square gate far as persicion go or not really? What I am referring to is like how comp sticks are switches and 360 is optical. Is the Happ/sanwa just a better quality optical or is there some new technology about it.

massystem uses happ parts, so what you have are indeed happ parts, and that 360 is a gem right now because it’s an old happ/wico 360, it’s very much sought after and hard to find, the new happ 360 (no wico) sucks. if you want to test out sanwa/jap joystick, you’re better off buying a new one than modding your existing joystick, it’s not worth the money saved or the trouble to mod a mas into a sanwa. or sell one of your mas and buy a jap stick. madcatz fight stick TEs are cheap right now, you can find one for $100 NEW at frys, or an SE for less than $50 at fight stick SE doesn’t have sawna parts but it gives you a good idea of what japanese style sticks are like without breaking bank, and if you like it, you can buy sanwa/seimitsu parts and mod it. sanwa seimitsus are brand name parts used in japanese arcade much like happs are brand name parts used in american arcade. sawna did make an optical joystick, but it’s been discontinued so it’s even more sought after than the wico 360.

my preference: VS series, especially mvc2, 360 with comp buttons. everything else, seimitsu ls32 with sawna buttons.

now you’re all caught up.

BTW, I call dibs on the p360 if you decide to sell it.

for marvel i prefer HAPP vcompetition buttons and iL competition sticks.

now this brings up something really interesting which I find true I never thought american wise you can get better then 360 because it was perfect. I will be modding my 360 to play on new age sticks thanks for the advice but if I decide to go other place you will get a pm.

The old P360 sticks were great, but since Happ changed the manufacturing to somewhere in China, the quality of them has dropped significantly. Places like Arcade In A Box are actually refusing to use them anymore because of all the issues. The current stick of choice for American parts the the Competition stick.

As I have incredibly powerful hands I require Mas Systems equipment to keep my rage under control. Sanwa sticks are known to break under my weight.