Is "Mentally Retarded" Considered Not PC Now?

I live in the pacific Northwest lol, we have a bit of that :stuck_out_tongue:

Well what if they’re Black, but not American… see it doesn’t work. Medically, at least in the UK, it isn’t wrong to say the ethnicity is Black, although some textbooks refer to “Afro-Caribbean”, which is probably the most PC term. But it’s so hard to say that we just don’t bother. My clinical logbook even says “Black”. It is equivalent of calling someone Asian (which is the equivalent for South Asian in North America), or Oriental (which is the same as ‘Asian’ in North America). But my institution is weird in having “Chinese” and not “Oriental”, rather putting it with “Other”. Again, I have little ethnic diversity where I live so 99% of my entries are under “White”.

Mentally retarded is pretty old term. As with many medical terms, it’s just a new way (sometimes more PC) to say stuff. In the UK we use the umbrella term of “General Learning Disability”.

They took our word. (Heterosexual folks) JK… Kinda
I mean, I’ve used the word since my childhood (before I know what homosexuality was) and the culture sensitivity around the word has really caused me to sway from using it a lot. I love the usage of the word though. I also wouldn’t use it in a harmful way…
Though I did feel weird playing a gay guy in Street Fighter 3 and using the term. He did something really gay. So I had to call him out on it. He hasn’t talked to me since :oops:. Damn you cultural sensitivity.

Speaking from the African American community,
I also feel weird calling out black…er…African…er…Um… Us people out via ethnicity term. I really don’t know anymoreo_O. How about we all just come to consensus and refer to every race as “you people?”:smiley:

Because god forbid we ever insinuate that other people aren’t the same as other people and that different doesn’t always mean worse or better. But that takes too much explaining and thinking for television.

When I say different I mean strictly on a categorical basis, nothing deeper than that.

Waiting for the day when it isn’t PC to say, “My shits straight” or, “I’m straight” to mean that your all set or whatever.

I totally read that as “People of enhanced equipment”

Yeah, I wonder about the black thing too. People here are so awkward about it. It’s like they feel that they will offend me by calling me black so they call me all sorts of other names which are totally inaccurate or just too long

African American: No
Coloured: Everyone is coloured dumbass
Afro Caribbean: I’m not carribean
Person of African descent: Correct but obnoxiously long
Choco skin: I guess this works…

I dunno why people have to go through roundabout ways to call a black guy black

I’m pretty sure darkos is commonly accepted.

I lost count how many times on whether I should refer black people as “African American” or “African Canadian” just because I’m in Canada.

I don’t see why not.

Mental Retardation :smiley:

Politically correct is socially incorrect in my opinion, feminism has killed an entire generation.


I don’t wanna get tazered.

Can’t blame anyone for wanting to change the name of something that is commonly used everyday, in a negative connotation.

Your avatar ruined my day

“Midget” is another one… that was once a perfectly acceptable, legitimate word to describe them…as of just the past couple of years, suddenly that’s not ok anymore— and it’s now “little people”. I’m not sure if the dwarfs (dwarves?) out there care about the term “dwarf” or not, but apparently the midgets eventually started having a problem with that word.

I wonder what that pornstar “Bridget the Midget” thinks of that? She was the first one I remember seeing on tv (thanks to Howard Stern) many years ago that looked hittable… I never found them attractive until that one, really…but that’s getting into another topic.

Anyway, it’s funny to me that certain groups of people out there actually get all hurt and “offended” over words. That’s pretty depressing, imo… if you get all bent out of shape over a word… it’s not like a physical object that can be used to injure and kill you. Then again, a lot of people seem to love playing the victim for whatever reason, so I’m guessing most of the aforementioned chumps are just pretending to be offended, usually… it gives them a moment to be important and protected for once in a life that would otherwise be ordinary… I think that’s what most people crave… a victim mentality gives you the chance to be considered “special”.

Yes unless it refers to people on SRK. Then its indisputable fact.

Funny, because FrostyAU’s made mine.

Ailerus: I get you, but the negative connotation is reflective of attitudes in our culture, changing the word does nothing. The problem is when people make others feel bad because of their righteous attitude.

Million: I can actually see why people would be upset over dwarf, if only because it’s a mythical race that is generally used as comic relief characters.

True enough i use retard to describe when a person is fucking up,not when a person has a disability.
Same with the word fag i use it constantly but never as a pejorative for a homosexual.
Nigga is another one that is losing it’s power,hell cunt has little to none of the power it held just 20 short years ago.

Yeah, I’ve never liked cunt honestly. I prefer twat.