Is "Mentally Retarded" Considered Not PC Now?

I love cunt. Cunt has lost the sexist side. Cunt doesn’t mean a woman anymore. A Cunt is someone who acts cunty.

You can quote me on that.

That’s kinda how I feel about twat.

And as far as sexist insults go, all you have to do is single someone out as being a woman. You don’t even need to use vulgar words anymore to be called a sexist if you’re around super sensitive/uptight people.

“Cognitively deficient,” eh? That’s new to me. I’ve heard “mentally challenged” and “disabled” before. I personally use “mentally challenged” for just such a person as a non-insulting descriptor, and “retarded” as slang for dumb.

Then again, despite my militant anti-homophobia (homophobiaphobia?), I use words like “queer” in casual conversation to insult others. So maybe I’m not the best person to judge…

I actually love the word queer. Mostly because it’s so jr. high. :sunglasses:

Homo is even more immature, but sometimes it’s even funnier. Sometimes.

Queer is pleasing for the ear to hear.

Especially with like a Boston or Worcester accent? It sounds like “Qweeah”

Damn near queef at that point…

I pahk mah cah in the Hahvahd yayd annis qweeah comes up ta’ me ya sees? An’ I bop tha qweeah right on tha naaggin’.

“Woman” is probably the most insulting term to call a woman nowadays. I remember this one time at a party, I was learning some niggas about FFs and why 7 is overrated, and then one random ass girl starts arguing with me about how 7 is the best ever(obviously the only one she played). I’m like don’t question me, woman. Everyone were like “gasp, did he really call her a woman”. Then she got all in my face about how offended she felt and shit.

Yup, that’s exactly what I was talking about.

Next time call her a man if that’s what she prefers.

How old is she? Call her “girl” or “ma’am” next time. Also never hang out with her again because she is either insane or a fucking moron if she gets insulted by being called woman. Even if you said it how you did.

You would actually be surprised how many females are insulted by that.

I might honestly feel pissed if a woman called me a man in a derogatory manner, but then again I wouldn’t have if feminism wasn’t so prevalent today.

Once again it boils down to the use of the word more than the word itself.

I honestly think its just the fact that retard has become slang, the problem is every word they use is eventually going to be slang.

The thing is though, the people who are mentally handicapped understand whats going on around them ( this should be obvious but some people assume all mentally challenged people are vegetables or something which is bull shit ), they know what kids are saying and they get hurt just as easily as you or me did when we went to shitty public schools back in the day.

I shadowed a lot at public schools in the special education classes when I went to college, kids are fucking cruel and most of the people in there have kids saying shit like retard and stuff like that to them. I don’t think its that big of an issue if we as adults take 5 minutes to not use mentally retarded when referring to someone because at the end of the day which is more painful? you relearning something, or someone who has had it rough they’re whole life having to feel like shit because of a word?

The feminist movement has just ruined comedic and disgruntled articulation:coffee:
No longer can we express how we feel about something using a somewhat (entirely in most people’s minds) unrelated word. Instead, the word has a definite meaning so no longer can we say: “You’za bitch/faggot/gay-ass-motherfucker/ho/pussy,” without repercussions of being assumed to be a sexist, insensitive chauvinistic male… Man, I hate bitches… But I do love women. Again, I didn’t even know what half these “hurtful,” word meant when I was young. Racial terms though, that’s just something you really don’t say because it has a direct meaning and regardless of how you “change,” its application, it still has a worse history than most other personality or cultural descendancy such as feminism or homosexuality. One thing I’ll never understand: How you could possibly equate the gravity of the Civil Rights movement to the Gay movement. You can seem not-Gay in society’s view. You can’t seem not-Black (Damn, said it again)

I can get behind it honestly. What bothers me more is the phenomenon of the PC change itself. Just being a fuddy duddy probably.

A lot of people take things out of context too. If I say something or someone is retarded as a joke and I’m saying it to friends and they know exactly what I mean it’s fine. But if you say it to actually demean someone than it’s entirely different.

Don’t even get me started on stand-up comedy, because there are only so many edgy things to say, but an unlimited amount of ways to say them.

To be clear I am not for using humor as a means to verbally abuse someone. When I say mean shit to friends as a joke and I have any hint of contempt from them I let them know for sure that I was just fucking with them.

As far as I can tell, the offensive nature of being directly addressed as “woman” is that it’s frequently preceded by a blunt and brutally direct order, e.g. “Shut up, woman!” or “Get back in the kitchen, woman!” or “Use the Force, woman!” or “Sacrifice that goat, woman!”

Wow, that website is just…fucking awesome.

Way too many other good ones, including Raging Demon Woman!, Finish Him Woman!, and Walk On Stilts Woman!

I think the phenomenon’s referred to as the Euphemism Treadmill. Every time anyone comes up with a new, less-insulting name for something, it’s only a matter of time before the new term becomes a common insult, because it’s obvious which more-insulting term they were trying to replace. Every new medical/PC term for mental deficiency will be eventually used as a synonym for “stupid”; I’ve heard people flinging the phrase “mentally challenged” around the same way they used to say “retarded”.

I believe the proper PC word is now Developmental Disability…Its been like this for almost a decade…