Is modding a Madcatz SE stick cheaper than buying a TE Stick?

If I were to mod the Madcatz SE white fight stick with Sanwa buttons and stick, would it be cheaper than buying a Madcatz TE stick for $120?

For $120? No.

If 360: It’s $80 for the stick. between $45-50 for the parts.

If PS3: It’s 70 for the stick. same price for the parts.

Depending on where you buy, what you buy, chances are it won’t be.

If you’re just going JLF + OBSFs, get a TE imo.

And you could’ve/should’ve asked this in the Madcatz sticky thread.

get a TE u’ll love yourself even more…=P

It’s cheaper for me, since I didn’t have to pay for my SE’s.

… that and I hate the TE case. ugh.

Get a TE

The TE also has bigger board so you can rest your palm on. I got mine from Frys for $99. I’m sure it will be back on sale again, or the price of this thing will go back down everywhere by the end of the year.

why do you hate the TE case? I prefer a more bigger and stable case than a small light case with less support. Overall, I think the TE is a much better arcade stick than the SE inside and out. Yes, you will see and feel a big difference between those two, in terms of quality and performance. Good luck with your decision.

To be honest you can get a SE for $60 dollars and to mod it you add 45 to $50 and yes it still would be cheaper than a TE. Remember once the SE is modded the only difference between a Modded SE and a TE is the weight, cable storage, and plexi glass. Outside of those 3 the playability wise between the TE and a modded SE is no different.

So in my opinion get a SE its worth it. I also own both but I gave my son the TE because I modded my SE with Sanwa JFL 8YT SK and buttons plus I’m customizing the art and it looks way better than a TE…my opinion of course.

it depends on the price difference between the SE and TE… in my case it was cheaper.

i prefer smaller cases and just like the size of the se better.

Word. It’s not as worth it as it was a couple of months ago.

A TE stick for $120 isn’t a bad deal. Honestly the only modding I’m did was the restrictor plate. Its was a 4 way, but moved in 8, but I just put an octagonal in there. I think the part itself is like five bucks or so.

You can make your own art, I’m sure you will, that’s not too expensive. Arthong has a thread that links to his site, and you can get the plexi and art cut there. It is a tad expensive though, but worth it. Buttons and stuff aren’t too expensive. The TE stick is very easy to mod.

I would get a TE stick due to the quality parts in it, but I *think * modding an SE stick would be cheaper. I hope this helped :sweat:

You can get the TE cheap at some places like other’s have pointed out. It pretty much comes down to preference of size/shape and how much patience you have.

If you like a larger, heavier and flatter shape then go with the TE. If you rather have a more compact, slanted and thicker case go with the SE. One thing you might want to take into consideration is to open the top of the SE you might have to remove the art (I’m not 100% sure about this but shouldn’t be hard to get info on this). And with the SE its a pain in the ass to mod it with custom art, unlike the TE which you can get custom art printed and a protective plexi-glass cover made for it as well.

Also depends on how patient you are. If you go with the SE you will have to order spare parts that can take up to 1-3 weeks to get to you depending on who you buy from, if the parts are in stock and your shipping location. With the TE you will need a bit of patience if you want to find the perfect low price, but you say you can get it for 120 bucks that’s a nice price imo.