Is MORE Balrog == ARG?

Does anyone know? There was a player that was known as “MORE Balrog” when I lived in Japan (98-02), he was always at MORE arcade, and almost always played Claw. He was generally frowned upon by other players, but he was very very good. Is this the same guy as ARG? Anyone know?

answered my own question… according to nohoho’s profile ARG isn’t from tokyo. Still I’d appreciate it if anyone knows who he is!

More Balrog = Sky High Claw

And is More Vega = Yuu Vega?

Nope, they’re 2 different people.

More Vega = MP (green Dash/Champ color) Vega
Yuu Vega = LP (blue ST color) Vega

Plus Yuu Vega is from the Kansai region where i’m pretty sure More is from Kanto.

More Balrog and Sky High Claw are the same dude, but ARG is a different person.

Yuu Vega is originally from Kansai, but he lives in Tokyo now.

Ah, thanks for clearing that up. I appreciate it.