Is Morrigan better or worse in UMVC3?

A new job situation has it so that I won’t be able to get the game until thursday at the soonest. In vanilla Morrigan was one of my main/favs, and the universal air dash nerf was supposed to make her Roll tier apparently. So is Morrigan better or the new Roll in UMVC3?

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I just wrote this in the UMvC3 changes thread:


She’s better, but she’s no Felicia.

She still needs her own otg move, but she is A LOT better. I is happy! Hulk/ammy/morry all day.

my proof

edit: more proof

Awesome team lol
Been going VJ/Storm/Morrigan
Just like the team in that 2nd vid, any of them can support themselves so Morrigan on point is juicy too.

oh thank you. I didn’t know my team was popular.

She can combo after her throws??
how? (Or with an otg assist…)

Without a doubt, better.

Just do Shadow Servant when you recover. The damage is pretty good, and you can DHC for more.

It was more so just people who didn’t understand how to play Morrigan making her out to be worse than she actually is. She’s just like Doom and has weird aerial and ground movement that you have to learn first. Once you learn it and learn to cover it with fireballs she pretty much becomes impossible to anti air. j.S comes out in like 10 frames and beats air throws and most if not all stand normal anti airs. Unless you get behind her or have an invincible move you’re not beating it especially if she threw down fireballs first.

Putting fireballs on screen and then air dashing down with air S or H pretty much creates a wall of priority that helps her get in a lot easier. I think this is something in general that most Morrigan players haven’t been doing to move in the air and just write off her air movement as really bad with the air dash block nerf.

Her soul fist causing more hit stun allows her to do new combos and gives you better hit confirms off a landed fireball into air dash down.

I agree with this. I wrote her off as bad with the air dash block nerf but in reality shes better, especially when emphasized on zoning.

Seriously though. Dat Soul Fist. Yesterday I popped Astral, and combo’d 8 Soul Fists then converted to a J.S-> ground chain combo.

5 frames actually for jS.

Truthfully, I think the hardest part of playing Morrigan in this game is the lack of negative edge. It’s really hard to consistently hit every quarter circle perfectly when you’re doing so damn many of them. Cancel window on Shadow Blade M, and hit stun on Shadow Blade in general could still stand some improvement too, but yes, we do have a much more effective character overall in ultimate. That said, I thought she was B tier in vanilla, and I still think she’s B tier in ultimate at the moment.

This. I whiff a lot of fireballs and it irritates the shit out of me. It has even cost me matches a few times.

Easiest motion in the game becomes dropable when you’re essentially turning it into an SNK super every time. Lack of negative edge is where almost all of the “random” TACs I see people complain about come from too, you try a flight cancel and hit S a little too early, and well, I hope you know a good TAC ocmbo with your incoming character.

Have to agree with you guys. The constant QCF and QCB motions are really hard to pull off perfectly. I can’t count how many times, I mess up the QCB motion to get out of flight mode, and then get caught by a random hyper not being able to block during flight.

By far the best buff to Morrigan, IMO, is being able to do shadow servant off any throw. Now she actually has a pretty decent throw game, and can throw in some good resets during combos for better damage. Her regular combos now do somewhere between 650-700k, if I reset them with an air throw instead of a super at the end, I can now do shadow servant -> DHC to Vergil (BFFs!) and get just under 1 mil damage for 2 bars!

The funny thing is, I see people complain a bit about flgiht cancel fireballs. However, me personally I just can’t land her advanced combos. Keeping a flight cancel fireball pattern going is pretty easy for me, cept when the opponent crosses me over.

I find morrigan to be much better in UMVC3, with faster flight cancels, ability to shadow servant after a throw (may not do a lot on its own, but you can DHC into something like taskmaster arrows). That being said, she still suffers from the fact that her only real direction of attack is always going to be from the air in front of an opponent. It can be extremely difficult and frustrating to get in on an opponent running, teleporting or just air blocking/chicken blocking.

Her jH is actually very good for using as a box jump cross up. And it’s not like she doesn’t have a 4 frame standing L that hits low, and a 1 frame command grab.

Chance of me doing successful Soul Fist fly cancel stuff on the left side: 95%
Right side: 30%

Makes no sense. -_-