Is MORTAL KOMBAT 9 just ripping off CAPCOM?


Capcom took it all the way back…

they realised the whole reason we got into Fighters in the first place was because of SF2 being installed in the local chip shop. Then they delivered SF4 and SSF4 with amazing results in both commercial aspects and ‘fanboy service’.

I loved MK first time round but it drifted way more off track than any other fighter with 3d becoming the main thing and swappable stances, weapons etc.

Have Midway now seen the success of sf4, ssf4 and the hype for MVC3 and thought… “We should cash in on the retro of returning to 2d”?

Just saying like…




…because Vader and Yoda went down really well in Soul Calibur, didnt it?


You have a sexual interest in Street Fighter? Really now.


Well yeah. Doesn’t mean it’ll be a bad game though.


Ono is a sexy beast that Brick lusts after, don’t hate on his love.


Not any more than any 2D fighting game is ripping of Street Fighter.

Not any more than KoFXII is by introducing EX moves to the series just like MK9 is.

Of course, I’m perfectly okay with “ripping off” Capcom anyway.

If Boon wants to make a perfect gameplay clone of SF 2/3/4 with MK characters and finishers added, I’d buy many copies at high prices and make sure to vocalize my happiness with that decision as much as I could.

But, that’s not the case. Many staple MK gameplay elements will still be there, for better or worse.


Haha, there’s really nothing to say on this.

Can we get a close on this worthless thread?


Fuck, do you think this is why they are doing TTT2?



What’s wrong with Kratos?


Probably yeah.

But who gives a shit if the game is awesome? I’m enjoying this FG revival.


Midway hasn’t existed since 2009.


whatever makes you a profit, adding ex moves , x-ray supers, and tag team assists. most people are in it for fatalities though which set mk apart from everyone.


stupid thread, calling mods



I’m going to use Kratos, like i used Yoda. fuck the haters.